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Updated June 29, 2008 19:24:02 Words: 2281 Withdrawing my hand from the cold hand again, I said lightly


Updated June 29, 2008 19:24:02 Words: 2281 Withdrawing my hand from the cold hand again, I said lightly: "Just like that piece of paper, it will go crazy. The time should also be seven days later. He may not dare to go out of the room, or he may cut people everywhere with a sword. Oh, anyway, the madman is like that, but he is better than the law of the North Ming Dynasty. He will not die so soon." "Lonely Dust." Cold hold my hands, "let me do it, let me do everything in the future, this evil should not let you a woman to bear, how to do?"? What should I do? Tell me, what are you going to do next to make these things happen? "No, I've already done it." I smiled faintly, looking at the cold gradually darkening eyes, he must think I am sinister and vicious, he will be away from me from now on, this is good, is not know how to deal with his feelings, now to save trouble. I wanted to take back my hand, but I found that he was tightening more and more. When I raised my face, I saw a ray of light in his dark eyes. Gradually,custom cosmetic packaging, there was a spark shining inside. In an instant, the spark ignited a towering sea of fire. The hot line of sight was approaching me. I frowned. Suddenly, the cold feeling pulled me into my arms and hugged me deeply, as if I had found my favorite treasure and would never let go. Lonely dust, I am not good, if I do not bring you to Jincheng, you will not do these things against your conscience. Against it? To be exact, it's all a deal. It's my fault.. It's my fault. Leng Qing pressed my head tightly on his chest and kept blaming himself,eye cream packing tube, "It's all my fault." It's my fault. And now you're in danger, Lone Dust! He suddenly pulled me out of his arms, affectionate eyes are his worries, "you go, you go quickly, you have done so many things, the emperor will not keep you in the end, you will only die in the end." "No!" I coldly rejected the cold kindness. "Now that things have come to this point, they must go on." What do you want! What did he promise you! Lonely dust, what in the world is more important than your life! Shaking me coldly and forcefully, I lowered my face and my chest fell into a big stone. What I can sacrifice my life in this world is my people, my country! My shadow moon! I smiled, smiling freely and indifferently: "There are many things in this world are more important than their own lives … …" Besides, I promised the emperor to save the lives of the three royal Highnesses, so when it's all over, I'll heal them. "Lonely Dust." He looked at me, plastic packaging tube ,custom cosmetic packing, looked at me deeply, and in the flickering candlelight was his steady breathing and his face getting closer and closer. I looked at him doubtfully, until his face was close at hand, and the two soft thin lips touched mine, and I came to my senses. I suddenly retreated, looked at him in surprise, and did not know where to put my eyes. My heart was a little flustered, because of the kiss. The hand is held slowly by him, his soft words come from the ear: "I'm sorry..." "Uh.." No Nothing. I still do not know how to face him, only casually glancing around, and then change the topic, "yes, the four princesses will come these two days." "Four princesses?" "Yes." I finally steadied my eyes and watched him hold my hand, his long fingers and white skin, although he was a general, but his skin was still white, as if he could not tan, and his hand, without annoying calluses, was still very soft. Damn! What am I thinking! My face turned a little red. I steadied my mind and looked at him again. "When the four princesses come, I hope you can persuade her to steal the amulet from Zuo Huai." "You want the amulet of Zuo Huai?" That's right! Zuo Huai has two thousand soldiers guarding four gates and soldiers patrolling the city, the number of these soldiers can not be underestimated, then catch left Sima, if these forces are controlled by them, it is quite bad for us! "You want to move Zuo Sima?"? Do you have any proof? Besides, each of his three hundred followers is one for ten. Are you sure? "Evidence.". "I laughed," the evidence is on the way to send, first do tricks to eradicate Zuo Sima, then take out the evidence is not urgent. This is the note that King Yongle showed me that day. The message on it said that he had found evidence that Zuo Sima and a prince in the imperial capital had collaborated with the enemy and betrayed the country to usurp the throne. However, it was extremely difficult to steal this evidence. I'm afraid it's not easy to succeed at once. But the situation here has become increasingly urgent, when the prince and the second prince, left Sima will not wait to die, if I guess right, he will be forced to abdicate. However, the guards in his hands are already in the hands of the north domain, that he can use, can only be his son left bosom in the hands of two thousand guarding city army, plus three hundred warriors in his hands, can be said to be evenly matched with the north domain. At that time, he has no way out. He will fight to the death. Victory or defeat depends on this. I can't fight a battle that I'm not sure of. So I have to get the amulet before then. Then why should I persuade the princess? He looked at me coldly and said with a smile, "Because the four princesses like you." "Don't talk nonsense!" The cold face brought out a chill, "this kind of joke can not be opened!" "Whether you believe it or not, it's a fact." I wanted to hold my face with my hand, but I found that my hand was still in the cold hand. I could not help but stop my eyebrows and pull my hand back from his package. In an instant, my hands were cold in the night. At a loss, I remembered the water flowing in the east. At that time, although the well water was warm in winter and cool in summer, it still made my fingers numb in early spring and February. On that day, Blue Spring stood beside me. I looked doubtfully at the reflection that suddenly appeared in the well water,eye cream packaging tube, but he reached out and wrapped my hand in the palm of his hand. Talk. I like to watch you talk. The same words, the same gentle smile, "Is it warm now?" 。 emptycosmetictubes.com