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The old ghost didn't know how important it was, and his disciple didn't have a tripod furnace yet, so he gave him a sword first


The old ghost didn't know how important it was, and his disciple didn't have a tripod furnace yet, so he gave him a sword first, which almost led to a disaster. Fortunately, it's not too late now. I can't teach you here for three or five years. You are a talented woman in Bianliang. You are well-informed and memorized. Your understanding is ten times stronger than that of ordinary people. I will devote myself to teaching all kinds of skills. You should write them down carefully and try to practice them. I will give you some advice carefully. If you really want to achieve great success, you will achieve great success. But you have to practice well. However, although my skill deviates from the direction of the sword, it is easy to achieve success, and there are some places that are easy to go wrong. But it doesn't matter. With your husband's skill now. I can give you guidance, and I will never go crazy. Xiao Zhouhou listened in a muddled and mysterious way, but still did not understand its meaning. But her nature is pure, true, originally believed these supernatural things, listened to is impatient, wants to learn her this magic power immediately, enables oneself to have a skill. The silent Taoist nun raised her eyes to look at the sky and said with a smile, "It's getting late. Kong Daokun will teach you the skill of casting the tripod, and then teach you Yena Shixing Fan.". Grasp the knack in Gan Dian, and you can practice it by yourself every day. As for the skills of Phantom Swordsmanship, the Eight Movements of Drama, the Ten Practices of Harmony, the Refinement of Yin and Yang, the Return of Jade Liquid to Dan,jujube seed powder, and the Search for Immortals, they are not in a hurry. Xiao Zhou later heard the phantom swordsmanship. He thought it was a skillful swordsmanship. Overjoyed, he nodded and said, "Thank you very much, Shifu." Then he stood up, knelt down on the futon, and respectfully performed the worship ceremony. The silent Taoist nun accepted her worship with a smile and said, "What a clever child! Oh, I can stand this ceremony.". Get up,jujube seed powder, as a teacher, I will pass on to you the skill of casting the tripod of Kun Dao now Yang Fu, Houzhai. Behind the six screens of the ladies flapping butterflies, on the brocade couch with tassels hanging down the curtain, Yang Hao knocked on the door and entered, cutting tarts wantonly. Tang Yanyan was already as soft as mud, as if he could no longer stand the fury of the wind and rain, but he clamped his waist with a pair of slender thighs, which were more than enough and soft as boneless, to resist death. Finally, amid Tang Yanyan's pleas for mercy, the clouds closed and the rain stopped, and the Mandarin ducks crossed their necks. From the couch came Yang Hao's narrow smile: "Do you still want to say that your husband has no ability now?" Tang Yanyan answered with a soul-stirring groan when a pink jade leg hung feebly from the edge of the bed of the tassel brocade. At this moment, the brocade was pulled away quietly. The baby's cheeks were stained with rosy clouds. He wrinkled his nose and said angrily, "In broad daylight, you two occupied someone else's embroidered bed and did that ridiculous thing. You are so shameless." Yang Hao also did not know why he was more and more interested in the matter of men and women now, ghana seed extract ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, obviously yuan Yang has been discharged, the abdomen is more fervent as fire, he stretched out his hand to pull. He pulled the baby into bed and said with a smile, "Is the baby jealous? Come on, let's kill him again." With a cry, the baby blushed and looked at the spring flames at the tips of her eyebrows and the corners of her eyes. She closed her eyes shyly and let her man pull open her scarlet bra, revealing a pair of breasts piled with jade and snow. A goshawk flew into the Yang Mansion, and Ding Chengzong appeared in the back house of the Yang family: "Source.". Where is Lord Qiu? As soon as Xiaoyuan saw Ding Chengzong, he hurriedly said, "Young master, Taiwei is now at Sanniang's place." Xiaoyuan met Ding Chengzong. He was still called by the same name as when he was in the Ding family. Ding Chengzong nodded and said, "I have something important to do. Please ask Qiu to come right away." Xiaoyuan promised and hurried to Wu Waer's courtyard. After a while, Yang Hao rushed to the living room in high spirits: "Elder brother, did you call me?" Ding Chengzong pulled out a bamboo tube from his sleeve and said in a deep voice, "As you expected, Xiazhou is really negotiating peace in secret, and there is already a clue." Moved by this, Yang Hao hurriedly took the bamboo tube from his hand and took out the secret letter from it. After reading it carefully, he paced in the room with his hands on his back. Ding Chengzong said, "Several peace talks in Xiazhou have been destroyed.". This time some secret is not unusual, is not necessarily holding the meaning of cutting my silver state, but if Qiu should be a letter to cut the Han, xiazhou is bound to come, it is better to find some reason to delay. Yang Hao stopped and said thoughtfully, "Let's go to the White Tiger Festival Hall and call together civil and military officials to discuss important matters.". ” After gathering all the civil and military personnel together, Yang Hao told the civil and military personnel about the intelligence analysis that Tuoba Haofeng and Chi Bangsong had found out. With a glance, he asked, "Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any suggestions?" "Taiwei," said Xu Xiao, "even if Zhao Guangyi and Li Guangrui had never colluded in secret, Li Guangrui would never miss this opportunity if he learned that Taiwei had led a large army to the State of Han. In his humble opinion, we have not gained a firm foothold in Yinzhou. Taiwei should not be far away. Especially to rate the army to leave, the silver state is empty, if the summer state is out in full force, only by the party seven, is unable to stop. Mukui rubbed his hands and said, "Young Lord, let's just take advantage of Zhao Guanjia's attack on the Han Dynasty. If we can't spare our hands to take care of the affairs in the northwest, let's go straight to Xiazhou. It's better to strike first, and then suffer." Yang Haoji said, "I am no match for Li Guangrui now.". If I lead soldiers to xiazhou, xiazhou just stick out, transfer the state, night state, Jingzhou military forces cut my silver state, Luzhou. That's when I'm going to lose my footing. "That's just one of them," said Xiao Yan. Zhao Guangyi alone by the strength of the Song army, now to destroy the Han. Is also easy, Qiu if take the initiative to send troops to cut down the summer state, unknown, Zhao Guangyi got the Han,phycocyanin spirulina, immediately can justifiably cut down my silver state, then Qiu painstakingly the situation will be gone. "Yes, Lord Xiao is right." 。 prius-biotech.com