Mortal Mortal

He's not going to talk nonsense, and he's going to break the enemy with a thunderbolt. At the same time,


He's not going to talk nonsense, and he's going to break the enemy with a thunderbolt. At the same time, several other green bamboo bee cloud swords in the body are also eager to be released at any time. Blood refining divine light! Okay, okay! Are you extremely negative or extremely dazzling? As soon as the green shadow saw the blood light on the soul, his body trembled slightly, and then he laughed angrily. Han Li frowned and his expression moved slightly. Extreme negative? Are you talking about the Jiyin Patriarch of Jiyin Island? Han Li said lightly. He felt vaguely that he could unlock the secret of the Black Shajiao and the Jiyin Island. Extreme Yin Patriarch! How dare that rebellious disciple call himself a patriarch? As soon as the green shadow heard Han Li's words, he immediately flew into a rage and then shouted abuse. Han Li froze a little! This ghost-like person, unexpectedly can be that extremely Yin Patriarch's master, this is too strange! Han Lizheng was surprised by the other side's words. There was a flash of green on his body, followed by a muffled sound behind him. Han Li was startled and couldn't help looking back, but there was nothing behind him. " Not good Almost instantly, Han Li realized that he had been taken in. Hurriedly turned his head back, and without thinking released the other seven flying swords, together to protect the front of the body. Once control nine green bamboo bee cloud sword, this is the limit of Han Li now. Sure enough,Nail machine supplier, when he turned his head, the light of the nine flying swords released a pale golden "evil spirit thunder", and a fist-sized green light group turned into nothing under the electric arc. Han Li is in a cold sweat. He was almost succeeded by the other side. Jin Lei Zhu, you use the flying sword made by Jin Lei Zhu. At this time, the green shadow made an incredible sound. Han Li sneered and was about to laugh at each other a few times when he felt a strange fluctuation in the air beside him. He leaned almost reflexively,High Speed Nail Making Machine, but then his chest shook, and a familiar blood awned through his heart, and blood gushed out in an instant. Then another yellow awn hit him hard. "There was a clear sound, and several flying swords bounced off the yellow awn at the same time and showed their original shape. It turned out to be the mixed yuan bowl." "Quhun," Han Li shouted angrily to one side. First by the blood spirit drill attack, and then by the mixed yuan bowl onslaught, obviously the soul of the song has a big problem. But the figure on his side flashed, and the soul of the song shot at the green shadow as if it had never been heard. Han Li mind contact, although the distraction is still to the soul of the body, but I do not know why, even completely lost control of the soul of the body. The green shadow laughed wildly and turned into a green rainbow to meet the soul of the song. Han Li's face was very pale, iron nail machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but then he gritted his teeth, pinched the formula fiercely, and spit out the word "close" in his mouth. In the distance, a small group of green light flew out of the exit with the sound, and quickly shot back into Han Li's body and disappeared. But at this time, the rainbow of the green shadow has also disappeared into the soul of the song. Han Li pressed the wound in his chest with his hand and stared at the opposite "soul" viciously. " Quhun slowly opened his eyes, revealing a pair of bright red eyes like blood. Volume III-Volume IV Wind Rising Overseas Chapter 427 Xuanhun Refining Demon Han Li quickly took out a blue amulet from his storage bag and patted it on the wound. The white light flashed and the blood stopped gushing at once. Han Li glanced sideways and saw that the injury was under control for the time being, and he was a little relieved. But when he turned around and stared at the "soul of the song," his eyes became cold and he did not say a word, but suddenly there was a blue light several feet high on his body, and there were nine emeralds hovering and undulating in it, which was very eye-catching. Han Li had made up his mind that if he didn't walk out of here alive, he would never take back a few "Green Bamboo Bee Cloud Swords" in case he was plotted by the old monster who had lived for many years. To tell you the truth, since he became an immortal, what happened to him just now was the most frightening. As long as the reaction is a little slower, there will be an extra hole in the heart immediately. Had it not been for the fact that his divinity and agility were far superior to those of ordinary monks, he would surely have died after the attack of the soul just now. The Blood Spirit Drill is so damaging that it is impossible to guard against it! However, now Han Li doesn't have to worry about the evil of the blood spirit drill any more. Because the one just now was the last one that Quhun had cultivated before. But Han Li is still very depressed! According to the cultivation method of "external incarnation", he had already refined the separated divine consciousness and soul body to the point of unity of man and God, but how could he be unconsciously controlled by the old ghost on the opposite side. Not even a hint of a warning came to him. Had he not seen the opportunity quickly and hurriedly taken back this part of the divine consciousness, I am afraid it would have been swallowed up by the other side. At that time. He's in a lot of trouble. However, the other side will possess, which also shows that the green shadow is not a human, but a demon spirit similar to ghosts and primordial gods. Possessed to the soul of the song, perhaps not a bad thing, but may give him a chance to destroy each other. Thinking of this, Han Li turned over his palm, and a delicate bell made of brass appeared on his palm. It was the soul bell that had been shelved for a long time. This bell contains the essence and blood of the soul body, although it is not expected to win the other side only by this. But we can always create some opportunities for him! At this time. The opposite "Quhun" is moving its hands and feet by itself, as if adapting to the body. As soon as he saw Han Li's move, he sneered and looked like he had nothing to fear. When Han Li saw this, his expression sank and he no longer hesitated to strike the small bell in his hand. As a series of clear sounds of "came out, the red light in the eyes of the opposite song soul flashed a few times, and the body did not move. There was nothing wrong with it. Han Li couldn't help but sink in his heart. No matter what you have done to this body,Nail production machine, since I have become the master of this body, do you think those small prohibitions can still work? Qu Hun's hoarse voice came slowly, and his face was full of sarcasm. Do you know Sha Dan Fen Shen? Han Liwen was moved and felt a little surprised. 3shardware.com