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"Boom!" The moment the emperor walked out, the fire suddenly flourished several times, so that the door of


"Boom!" The moment the emperor walked out, the fire suddenly flourished several times, so that the door of Chi yuan Demon Zun quickly melted, even if he was the emperor's cultivation, he could not compete with this degree of refining. Chapter 751 Xuantiandaomen. Chiyuan Demon Zun had no idea that this seemingly unremarkable sea of fire would be the birthplace of Emperor Haotian. Now Ye Xu urged the sea of fire with Emperor Haotian's holy body. In an instant, he refined his cultivation by as much as 10%, which made his cultivation drop sharply. His Red Emperor Demon Gate melted rapidly, and his heart was shocked. He hurried up and fled to the sea of fire at a high speed. Demon, do you remember how many times I've plotted against you? With a long laugh, Ye Xu urged the ship of the Jade Pool to fly towards him at a high speed, only to see that the sea of fire was moving with his body and flying with him to the Red Deep Demon. Now I'll plot against you again! Chi yuan Demon Zun was surprised and angry, and the speed of the Jade Pool Heavenly Ship was no slower than that of him, or even much faster, so that he could never escape the scope of the sea of fire. Ye Xu eyes flashing, control the sea of fire, with the help of this sea of fire to refine the solution of Chiyuan Demon Zun, is also his sudden flash of inspiration and set the plan, is not premeditated. In the ancient times, the heart of the heaven of Yuqingtian was broken, and one of them fell, forming the land of Dixing,tube fitting manufacturer, which evolved into the world of witchcraft. In that unprecedented collision, the fire of the land of Dixing has never been extinguished. The fire in the sky has been burning for thousands of years, and the sea of fire has finally given birth to such a strange creature as Emperor Haotian. He was born from the fire, born as a God, and had great magical powers at birth. There is no fire in the world that can hurt him. Ye Xu holds the Sun God Furnace he has refined, and there is the Holy Emperor Fen Shen of Emperor Haotian. In this sea of fire, it can be said that there is no harm at all, and there is no need to worry about being hurt at all. The moment he entered the land of Emperor Xing,ball valve manufacturer, the Sun God Furnace produced a kind of inexplicable restlessness and intimacy. Although Emperor Haotian's doppelganger was obliterated, he was born with a strong sense of the place where he was born. At that time, Ye Xu knew that this sea of fire must be the place where Emperor Haotian was born. Therefore, although Ye Xu found that Chi yuan Demon Zun followed him into the land of Emperor Xing, he was not afraid at all. When he entered the sky fire, he was even more like a fish in water. He only felt that the sky fire seemed to be breathing with him. Now he offered sacrifices to the furnace of the sun God, urging the emperor of Haotian to come back to life, which resonated with the sky fire, and the fire of the sky fire suddenly became more vigorous. The sky fire here, a flame, can burn through a planet, as simple as burning through a piece of paper. If the fire here is taken to the Witchcraft Wilderness World, it is bound to create a situation in which billions of miles of void are all sky fire, turning the Witchcraft Wilderness World into a fiery hell. Hum! Suddenly there was a palpitating throb in the sky fire, 14 needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, the whole sea of fire suddenly stopped, suddenly silent, a gloomy dead air from the sea of fire, like black ink, appeared from the center of the sea of fire, eroded outward, very fast. This dead gas is so strong that it seems that as long as it sticks a little, it will be corroded all the longevity yuan, the flesh and blood melt, and the soul flies away. What else is there in the sea of fire besides sky fire? Ye Xu was startled, only to feel a very strong sense of danger in his heart, these black dead gas aroused his strong vigilance, let him feel the fatal danger. He immediately stopped chasing Chiyuan Demon Zun and hurriedly urged the Jade Pool Heavenly Ship to speed up and fly forward, trying to escape from the shadow of the dead gas. Su Qiaoqiao and Feng Yanrou couldn't get their hands on it at the moment. They hurried to look into the sky fire, only to hear a whoosh. In the sky fire, a dark door was suddenly erected, covered with fine lines and marks. The door suddenly creaked open a gap, and the gloomy and dead air blew out crazily. In a flash, the Jade Pool Heavenly Boat caught up with the Red Deep Demon Zun, only to see that the dead air rushed in and swept over the stern of the Jade Pool Heavenly Boat. The stern of the holy treasure was corroded with a crash and shattered to the ground. The two girls can not help but fight a cold war, the dead gas from the door even the holy treasure can easily corrode, if spread to the entire Jade Pool Heavenly Ship, I am afraid the ship together with the three of them will easily rot. "What tricks are you playing, Duke of the West?" Chi yuan Demon Zun looked back and was scared out of his wits, and the remaining Xiu was galloping, which even a holy emperor like him could not bear. Sniff! His left leg was swept by the dark dead air, and immediately the skin rotted, the tendons broke, the muscles cracked, and pieces fell off, revealing white bones. Click! The bones of his legs were shattered, and the dead air spread up his thighs and eroded his whole body. Chi yuan Mo Zun was so ruthless that he made a prompt decision. He raised his palm and cut off his left leg. He ran away with his hands and feet in a hurry. Demon, you cut the wrong leg. Ye Xu kindly reminded me. When Akabuchi heard this, he was startled. He quickly raised his palm to cut off his right leg. Suddenly, he came to his senses and scolded angrily, "Smelly boy, you still want to plot against me?"? Demon Zun, if I don't die this time, I want you to die without a burial place! The two men escaped from the sea of fire one after the other. Ye Xu looked back and saw the holy treasure of the Jade Pool Heavenly Ship. At the moment, the stern of the ship was corroded by the dead gas. His hair stood on end. What on earth is there in the doorway of the sky fire? How can it be so horrible? My Jade Pool Heavenly Boat is a holy treasure, and it's not an ordinary holy treasure. It's easily corroded by that dead gas! Chi yuan Demon Zun also escaped from the fire. As soon as he calmed down, he stood on one leg. Looking back, he saw the dead air gushing out of the door. At the moment, it filled the whole sea of fire and turned the sea of fire into a black ocean. After a moment, the dead air faded like the tide and disappeared in the door. The door closed with a bang, and the shape became weaker and weaker, and finally disappeared. Emperor Xuantian! This is Xuantian Daomen formed by Xuantian Magic Skill of Xuantian Emperor! With a startled look on his face,brass tube fitting, Chiyuan Demon cried out, "It seems that Emperor Xuantian has also been to this secret place. It is estimated that he saw a powerful creature bred in the sky fire, so he left his magic skill in the place where Emperor Haotian was born in an attempt to obliterate Emperor Haotian!" 。 chinaroke.com