The Great Demon King [Finished Version] Author: Inverse Heaven

"Then, kill it, either all the people in the Valley of War are dead, or our group is destroyed!" Chi Li licked the


"Then, kill it, either all the people in the Valley of War are dead, or our group is destroyed!" Chi Li licked the corners of his mouth, revealing a cruel and ferocious look. Without waiting for the claw thorn aphid to say anything more, he waved his hand and roared: "For the sake of the dead brothers, today, we will kill all the people in the Valley of War. Go!" As soon as the order was given, the remaining thousands of elite of the Venomous Tooth Castle, encouraged by the red, no longer went to see the bloody scenes in the Stone Forest below, and rushed towards the Valley of War without fear of death. Everyone be careful, the rest is the strongest master of the Fang Fort, do not let them rush into the valley. There are three demons among them, and we must stand up to them! Crocius, after his fright, had a little more hope in his heart that Han Shuo had brought him, and when he saw the final charge of the Venomous Tooth Fort, he hurriedly shouted. Han, Mr. Han Shuo, please help me stop a demon! After encouraging morale, Crocius lowered his voice, his attitude was more respectful than ever, and his tone was full of prayer and awe,plastic bulk containers, and he said to Han Shuo. Surrounding all the masters of the Demon Valley, the line of sight fell on Han Shuo in an instant. At this moment, Han Shuo seems to have taken the place of Crocius and become the new spiritual leader of the Valley of the Devil! No way, just the shock caused by Han Shuo is too appalling, a can use the array to instantly slay the existence of ten thousand enemies, even if they are respected as gods of the Valley Lord Crosius, is far from comparable! "Han Shuo, you, you are so incredible!" It was not until now that Jiebi seemed to wake up from the shock that Han Shuo had brought her. Her beauty shone with a strange luster that made her heart ripple. Her beautiful eyes did not hide her affection for Han Shuo. She shouted out excitedly. Different from the strange expression of the crowd,plastic pallet manufacturer, Han Shuo is still the kind of calm appearance that needs to be flat. Glancing at the humble Crocius, Han Shuo said with a smile, "Take people's money to eliminate disasters for others. Don't worry. I know what to do." "Thank you, Mr. Han Shuo. As long as you can avoid this disaster, Mr. Han Shuo can choose anything in the valley." At this point, Crocius glanced at the excited Jiebi and added meaningfully, "Even my most precious thing is willing to be taken away by Mr. Han Shuo!" Can't help laughing, Han Shuo heart way this abyss world really reality makes him happy, just showed a strength, this Crocius will at all costs to ingratiate himself with him, is worthy of doing great things! "You can concentrate on dealing with the red, and the three shadows will help you.". After that, you can do what you promised me. Han Shuo glanced at the blushing Jiebi and said with a smile. Three, three shadow generals? Han, Mr. Han Shuo, do you deal with three shadow generals by yourself? Crocius, unable to restrain himself, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet suppliers, turned pale with fright. Nodded, Han Shuo affirmed: "Yes, I'm all wrapped up!" " Volume 1 Chapter 544 Beauty, do you want to live? Novel Bus Updated: July 7, 2010 14:36:05 Words in this chapter: 4304 Not only Crocius, but all the people who heard Han Shuo want to deal with three shadow generals were shocked by what they heard. In the abyss world, every big demon king has a direct line of war guard, the three shadows will each be a demon, the strength of the terrible, cruel, has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people! Yes, Han Shuo did use the so-called array to kill nearly ten thousand enemies in an instant, but after all, he was only a person, but also a person who did not show enough strength. Three shadow will, in the hierarchical division of the abyss, can only deal with a few people with the strength of one person, each is a thunderous peak of the strong! Han Shuo dare to say with the strength of one person to deal with the three shadow will, these people are really surprised. Looking around and seeing the expressions on these people's faces, Han Shuo shook his head and said with a light smile, "You just have to do what you should do. It's just three shadows. Hey, I don't think it can bring me much trouble!" Looking at the eight Lu teeth, Han Shuo added: "What's more, I have to wait for someone to lick the soles of my feet and call me Grandpa!" As soon as the words came out, Baluya's face was livid, but he dared not refute Han Shuo any more. He squeezed out a very ugly smile and did not speak, but there was a bitter taste in his heart. Kill me! From far to near, the roar finally reached the towering walls of the Valley of the Demons, and the only remaining masters of the Fort of Venomous Teeth either rode war eagles with thick and long python tails, or broke through the air like real strong people like claw thorn aphids. Kill! The mortal enemy was right in front of him, and Crocius could no longer care about Han Shuo, and immediately gave a deep shout. Had prepared a lot of guarding city weapon of the people of the Valley of War. Because Han Shuo's devastating blow to the Stone Forest was not used on the ground. It was not until now that the last trump card of those fangs was approaching that all of them were blasted out, and the sky was full of iron and stone arrows, and the hail was shooting into the crowd. So much for that! Claw thorn aphid cold face lightly drink, eyes burst out of the crazy light, the breath of destruction burst out from his body, rushed to the front. The law of destruction came out in his palm, and most of the attacks were intercepted by him alone. Behind him, the rock general was so bloody that he could hardly see his human form. Cultivating the elemental power of the earth system, an earth armor covered his body full of holes, not afraid of random arrows and stones, like a hill straight into the Valley of War. The demon red will practice the law of fire elements, and the rich fire elements will fly out from between her hands. After landing, it will ignite a flaming flame, and in an instant, the towering walls of the Valley of War will be enveloped in the sea of fire. Crimson, the master of the Venomous Teeth Castle, roared loudly and stared at Crocius as he rushed over. He was ready to fight to the death. Almost instantly, the war broke out immediately, there are three shadows will open the way, the early attack created by the War Valley, none of them worked. The only one left in the business at Fort Venomous. All the way unimpeded directly to the war in the valley of the devil, instantly caused a wide range of casualties. The two sides all fought, and Han Shuo was in Jiebi's surprised eyes. Only then finally rose to the sky,collapsible pallet box, one hand skeleton staff, one hand to kill the magic front, Han Shuo a face calmly joined the battle circle. binpallet.com