I gave birth to five big brothers to fight in the palace for me.

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Liang Jiugong hurriedly answered, "Chirp." Liang Jiugong hurriedly went to the ceremonial official's office to give orders.

Liang Jiugong hurriedly answered, "Chirp." Liang Jiugong hurriedly went to the ceremonial official's office to give orders. The ceremonial official bowed to the emperor, the empress Dowager, the imperial concubine Han, and so on. He said in a loud voice, "The auspicious time has come. Sixteen elder brothers, Aisin Gioro Yin Yi, have begun to catch Zhou Li." The ministers were still looking at the sixteen elder brothers with white lips and red teeth in the arms of the longevity master, and then they watched the longevity master put the sixteen elder brothers on the table. Want to say, that day when the dragon and phoenix fetus catch week, the sensation is still in front of us, to do not know what the sixteen elder brother will catch this time. Han Fei also looked at her son and whispered, "Son, go and catch one you like." The Empress Dowager also looked at the sixteen elder brothers, sitting at the head, and said straight to him, "Little Yin Yi, go quickly and get one you like.". Take it to Huang Mam for a hug. The empress Dowager herself had no children, and she liked children best on weekdays. But this harem has not been born for a long time, as the youngest prince in the harem at present. Sixteen elder brother naturally became the most favored bully. Hearing that all the people asked him to pick one he liked, his eyes went from grabbing the seal on the table, and after a flash of deep meaning in his eyes, he stepped on the small turnip leg and walked straight to the seal with a slight tremor. After the line of sight hit, he saw a group of ministers, empresses and concubines, eyes staring at him, breathing a few minutes fast. All kinds of deep meanings sounded one after another, "This is, no." "Look at the direction. It's the seal and the four treasures of the study. Guess what the sixteen elder brothers will catch." "Maybe it's possible to catch Long Live's finger wrench." The voice of the crowd rang, sixteen elder brother after listening, the little fat hand stopped in front of the seal. Will the line of sight, look straight at the direction of his mother. ———————————————— (V 2-in-1 02) Han Fei also saw her son really stopped in front of the seal, she breathed a stagnation, busy shaking his head at his son, with lip language to tell him not to catch this. Kangxi looked at his son with a smile in his eyes and said in a loud voice, "Sixteen, catch one whatever you like." Even his emperor Ama lets him catch whatever he likes. Sixteen elder brother decisively grabbed the seal and pulled the finger. With a coax, all the empresses and officials stood up in shock. Han Fei watched several lines of sight rise and go to her son. She hurriedly called out, "Baby." Nine princesses and fifteen elder brothers stood beside Han Fei. They quickly pulled down Han Fei and whispered in her ear, "Mother Fei is not afraid." Looking at the younger brother of this ordinary ghost spirit, nine princesses are preparing to use mental strength to knock off the seal he grabbed. But before he could make a move, he was pulled by fifteen. "Wait a little longer." He could feel his brother's line of sight wandering in the crowd, although very obscure, but can not hide fifteen elder brother. He also wants to see what the final result is. The empress Dowager was very happy. She laughed and hurriedly said, "It's true that the general needs to be trained when he was a child. The emperor, impact beam tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, you gave birth to a good son." The ceremonial officer was stunned, but when he heard the empress Dowager's two sentences, he turned away. He was busy knocking down the bronze drum, and suddenly his eyes widened. These sixteen elder brothers don't act according to common sense. A crowd of officials also suddenly'Yi 'a. In the line of sight, I saw that I had climbed to the front of the seal and the finger wrench. After grabbing the seal and the finger wrench, I grabbed the pen and ink of the four treasures of the study. A little fat hand began to draw a few strokes on the rice paper. The ritual officer did not believe in evil and hugged his eyes, and really found that the sixteen elder brothers were still writing. Is this writing? What is it? Kangxi laughed and said to Liang Jiugong, "Go and see what the little elder brother wrote." With a chirp, Liang Jiugong bowed down and walked a few steps to the Sixteen Elder Brother. "Sixteen Elder Brother, do you still want to catch him?" He asked. Sixteen elder brothers shook their heads, threw away their brushes, took the rice paper they had written before, and ran to Kangxi with bare feet. "Huang Ama," they said in a milky voice. ” When Kangxi saw that Liang Jiugong had not got the rice paper, he was already shocked. Now that his son had come in person, he quickly took his son's rice paper and held him in his arms. He asked in a loud voice, "What did we write?" Kangxi quickly opened the rice paper and saw that there was a black mass on it, which looked like a word, but it was not real. However, on the whole, it is a "filial piety" and a bit like the word "win", but overlapping together, he can not see too clearly. Busy eyes hit Liang Jiugong, Liang Jiugong hurried to call the calligraphy appraisal craftsman to come over, only to see four or five people around the sixteen elder brother's calligraphy works for a while, busy to Kangxi and the Empress Dowager'Pu Tong Pu Tong 'kneel down, loudly to Kangxi and the Empress Dowager congratulations. Congratulations to the Empress Dowager. Sixteen elder brothers wrote the word "filial piety" and the word "win". The two words overlap, implying that benevolence and filial piety can win the world. It happens to coincide with Long Live Master's idea of governing the world with benevolence and filial piety, which is a good omen! "The youngest son is the most pure and good. This is an auspicious sign from heaven in my court. Congratulations, Master Long Live! Congratulations, Master Long Live!" Sixteen elder brother to have two points of accident, he did not expect these people still have two points of vision. But the point is, he's happy with Ama, and that's what he wants. As soon as Kangxi heard this, he also burst out laughing. Then he said to several people, "Go down, Liang Jiugong, reward!" "The slave is waiting to thank Master Long Live." After a group of people went down to receive the reward, Han Fei breathed a sigh of relief. It's not easy to raise a child. It's not easy to raise a child. That's what I said. Ritual officer a look at this form, also busy'when 'a sound sounded the bronze drum, and then full of gas announced,: "Sixteen elder brother Aisin Gioro Yinyi grabbed Zhou, grabbed a brush, a piece of rice paper, a dish of ink, a seal, and wrote down the words" filial piety "and" win ", which means" benevolence and filial piety win the world. " Good luck! Finish saying, he speaks slowly again,cold drawn tubes, conclude: "Catch four treasures of the study, 16 elder brothers should be to develop a future on the article.". "Congratulations, Lord Long Live!" 。 cbiesautomotive.com