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I didn't understand what they were talking about until I heard it. Unexpectedly, Mei Wending Memorial Hall has dug up Mei Wending's tombstone to this exhibition, which is really too much! Fortunately, these people did not know that Mei's forbidden place was Jingwu Dongtian. Otherwise, we don't know what it will be like? When the old man Tang and Feng Junzi were talking, the curator of the memorial hall and the director of the Municipal Cultural Bureau were livid but silent. They can't help it. They are not in charge of those who change their ways to curse people here. Teacher Liu also came as she spoke. She wore a goose-yellow cashmere overcoat today. She didn't make up, but she looked more beautiful and refined. She had her own romantic posture. I noticed that she had a very small butterfly-shaped hairpin in her hairline. When she saw me, it seemed that she had no intention of taking off the hairpin with her right hand. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this scene and quietly pointed to my heart with the middle finger of my left hand. The folder in Miss Liu's hand fell to the ground, and she bent down to pick it up again. Try to keep a calm look. Director Gu gave me the task of monitoring the foreign guests. It was said to be an international seminar, but in fact there were only five foreign guests, and only two real experts, namely, Professor Park of Seoul University in Korea and Professor Takeuchi of Waseda University in Japan. I don't like either Park or Takeuchi! Because these two guys see teacher Liu's eyes are leering. The feeling of wanting to put your eyes on her. When holding seminars and communicating after meetings, these two old people always like to gather around Teacher Liu, either to praise her beauty or to give her small gifts,radio shuttle racking, and to invite her to drink coffee in the evening. Teacher Liu declined politely. Besides these two old ones, the other three small ones are not very good. Professor Takeuchi brought an assistant. It was a young man in his thirties, surnamed Xiao Lin, who liked to bow to people. And when he bowed, he looked cold and haughty. Professor Park brought two assistants, a man and a woman. The man may be a teaching assistant,pipe cantilever rack, and the woman is a doctoral student he brought. That woman is simply a stooge, the first day in the lounge to see the fruit plate on the tea table, exclaimed: "Do you have such a big apple in China?" Shit! Is that apple big? More interestingly, at dinner time, in Tianxiang Restaurant, the chef first served several cold dishes, one of which was a pickle made by Wucheng specialty Gaoganbai. The girl picked it up and tasted it. She asked doubtfully, "The kimchi here is not authentic. Who did you learn it from?" Hate to hate, my surveillance did not relax at all, and soon found a very suspicious person, that is, Professor Takeuchi's assistant Kobayashi. The man was not interested in pure mathematics at the seminar and kept asking what else the Mei family had left behind in Wucheng? What are the representative cultural relics in the collection of the memorial hall? I think all the things that the Mei family can find are in this memorial hall. Even the tombstone of Mei Wending has been dug up. Of course, heavy duty warehouse rack ,heavy duty racking system, I am not qualified to participate in the discussion of the meeting. I am just a receptionist who serves the venue and accompanies the visitors. It is also convenient for me to observe carefully. On the afternoon of the second day of the conference, we arranged to visit the cultural relics of the memorial hall, and the tour guide was responsible for explaining them. Without a professional tour guide, Mr. Liu is responsible for explaining the relevant historical relics. Xiao Lin listened very carefully, and he asked questions almost everywhere. After the group visit, everyone enjoyed it freely in the exhibition halls of the memorial hall. I winked at Feng Junzi and Shang Yunfei. Both of them took the hint and stared at Xiao Lin quietly. Xiao Lin seemed to come to a display case at random. What was on display in this display case was Mei Wending's "Theory of Planning". There were more than a dozen thread-bound ancient books, which were said to be the original authentic works preserved by the people. I saw Xiao Lin gently and rhythmically tapping the wooden frame of the display cabinet with two fingers, and the ancient books in the cabinet were slowly opened page by page. He has the ability to resist things in the air, and he is really not an ordinary person! Feng Junzi and I both found out, but it was Shang Yunfei who cast the spell. Like Kobayashi, he stretched out a hand and stood far away on the other side of the booth, tapping the desktop of the display cabinet with two fingers. As soon as Shang Yunfei's finger moved, Xiao Lin's finger seemed to be pressed by something and stopped there unable to move. Shang Yunfei did not learn from him to move the ancient books, because if he moved the books, the strength of two people would tear the books. The fight between the two men was silent, and few people noticed it in the whole exhibition hall. There were blue veins on the back of Xiao Lin's hand, and his white face turned iron blue. He suddenly raised his wrist, Shang Yunfei's fingers trembled, only to hear a crisp sound, and the large glass on the surface of the display cabinet suddenly appeared several large cracks crisscrossed horizontally and vertically. Everyone in the exhibition hall was startled, and Kobayashi took the opportunity to withdraw his hand and step aside as if nothing had happened. The quality of glass in China is really poor, even in museums! The female doctor from Korea came over to make a comment. What did you say, Miss King? Feng Junzi leaned over and asked her. Seeing his smiling face, I thought he might be going to do something bad. I said that the glass here is of poor quality, and the exhibition stand of the memorial hall will break itself. Her voice did not fall, the wind gentleman suddenly backward arm, quietly grabbed one of my hands, heard in front of the "bang", "bang" two crisp sound, the two lenses of her glasses are broken into a spider web for no reason. Feng Junzi finally couldn't help playing tricks on people. Miss King was so startled that she almost jumped up and took off her glasses to see what was going on. Feng Junzi still said with a cheeky smile, "These profiteers!"! Miss Jin's glasses must be made in China, right? "Well, yes, yes, I matched it in Beijing the other day." "Miss King answered a little discomfited." How beautiful the leather boots Miss King is wearing? Where did you buy it? Feng Junzi still has nothing to say. Seoul. Miss King, who was looking at her glasses, answered casually. As soon as her voice fell,Industrial pallet rack, she heard two big cuts on the feet of the two boots at the same time, and the socks were exposed. My eyes were sharp, and I saw a hole in the front of the sock on her right foot. omracking.com