White Gate Willow 3 (Cock Crowing Wind and Rain)

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Indeed, it is no wonder that Qian Qianyi felt aggrieved. Not to mention all kinds of kindness and affection in the past, take the more than two months after the Qing army entered Nanjing as an example, as one of the ministers who presided over the surrender, although he had to try his best to deal with the conquerors, he had to do some things that had to be done, such as settling military forces, introducing the situation, checking the treasury, handing over property, appeasing the people and so on. That was all, and he asked himself that he had not done anything more to seek the glory of the seller and to be unreasonable. On the contrary, on the day the Qing army entered Nanjing, he accompanied the conquerors to the former imperial palace, but he could not stop his grief and fell to the ground and wept in public; and when the commander of the Qing army, Duoduo, asked the demoted officials for a general plan for the March, he strongly advocated that appeasement should be given priority to in order to prevent the innocent people in the south of the Yangtze River from being killed.. However, even so, Liu Rushi is still very dissatisfied, usually sarcastic needless to say, when he was forced to travel a long way to the north in his old age, the other side as a concubine, unexpectedly put their own obligations aside,Narrow aisle rack, take out such a heart of stone, Qian Qianyi felt too fickle.. If Qian Qianyi were asked whether he really felt guilty about his participation in the surrender of Xiancheng, and whether he was determined to keep his promise to his concubine, once the time came, he would join the ranks of opposing the Qing Dynasty and restoring the Ming Dynasty? I'm afraid Qian Qianyi may not be able to answer loudly. It is true that Liu Rushi did not hesitate to die for the Ming Dynasty, which really shocked him. And when the matter subsided, he carefully recalled that in the past year or so, facing the extraordinary disaster of the destruction of the country and the death of his family,Narrow aisle rack, he had painstakingly and painstakingly tried his best to seek a peaceful life for the southern half of the Ming Dynasty; As a result, in the turbulent whirlpool of political struggle, he suffered from turbulence and humiliation, and finally, in the case of riding a tiger, he ended up with a reputation of taking the lead in defection and surrendering to the city. Qian Qianyi learned a lesson from the bitter experience. He was really cold about money and fame. He didn't want to go to the court of the conqueror any more, hoping for splendor and wealth. However, if he wanted to turn around and devote himself to the revival of the Ming Dynasty, to be honest, he couldn't raise any courage and enthusiasm. Because of his long experience in the world, he knew very well in his heart that the reason why the Ming Dynasty ended up today was by no means accidental. In fact, because of its own darkness and corruption, it had reached the point where the patient was incurable. After the fall of the Chongzhen court in Beijing and the Hongguang court in Nanjing, it was not easy to make a comeback! In his view, in the face of the overwhelming March of the Qing Dynasty, the wise choice should be to do everything possible to save their lives in troubled times. This is the most important and practical thing. As for Liu Rushi's behavior and ideas, it's nothing more than a woman's inflexibility and momentary emotional impulse. After a while, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Steel racking system, when the situation is settled, she will naturally change her mind! For more than a month, he has been thinking secretly. This time, after receiving the imperial edict from Emperor Shunzhi, Qian Qianyi was forced to set out reluctantly, but he had no intention of resisting and escaping, just holding the attitude of taking one step at a time and taking things as they come. Therefore, when the caravan full of demoted officers and their families drove into the heavily guarded Chaoyang Men, he was only slightly more nervous and alert at best, but he really had no clear intention or idea. Now, it is the tenth day of coming to Beijing. Although seven days ago, had been arranged in the regular court meeting, with the officials at the end of the class, to the emperor of the Qing Dynasty to see the ceremony, but according to the Ministry of Personnel responsible for their contact with the left assistant minister Chen Mingxia notice, then there is a small-scale summons, the date has not yet been determined. So they had to wait patiently. Perhaps because he lived in a new place, Qian Qianyi woke up early in the morning as usual. Lying in bed, he could not sleep any more, so he simply got up and was served by a young man, washing his face, gargling, dressing and wearing a belt. After all this, he saw the newly hired barber, Ruan Liang, a lanky middle-aged man, standing by the door with a box under his arm and a slight bow. He nodded and sat down in front of the long table next to the east window. It seems that the time is still very early. Although Qian Qianyi temporarily stopped thinking and habitually closed his eyes, he still could not hear the sound of pedestrians outside the courtyard wall, only scissors and combs were manipulated by the barber, making a gentle sound in his ears. But the north is really the north, not to mention the early winter in October, the morning breath is cold invasion. Naturally, what made Qian Qianyi feel this most clearly was the half-naked scalp on his forehead. Mention, this is a piece of his heart glass, that is more than three months ago, the Qing Dynasty's strict hair-shaving order reached Nanjing. At that time, the gentry in the city, including the demoted officials, were both surprised and disgusted by the fact that Duoduo, the king of Yu, had recently banned Han officials and civilians from changing their clothes without authorization, and now suddenly forced them to shave their hair. They came to Qian Qianyi one after another to ask for advice. Qian Qianyi only hesitated at first, because in his view, as a submissive people, facing the power and will of the conqueror, there was no room for theory except to bow to orders. But later, as some people talked, they became so angry that they even advocated a joint petition and rose up to disobey orders, which made Qian Qianyi panic, because once this kind of thing reached the ears of Duoduo, it might lead to immediate death! But it was not easy to stop the crowd, so he had to play a trick. On the pretext of itching his scalp,Warehouse storage racks, he went back to the bathroom to wash his hair. He took the opportunity to shave off his hair, braid his hair, and then came out to meet everyone again. Only then did the group of people turn pale in astonishment and disperse in frustration. omracking.com