Beloved return by soul fate Yimeng

In the room, Chi Ying first helped Gu Xiyue to take a bath, so that she could take a hot bath comfortably after a tired day.


In the room, Chi Ying first helped Gu Xiyue to take a bath, so that she could take a hot bath comfortably after a tired day. After Gu Xiyue finished washing, Chi Ying was too lazy to call for water again, so he washed it directly with the rest of the water. After Gu Xiyue wrung her hair with a veil, she lay in bed waiting for Chi Ying to be bored. Suddenly, she remembered the two scripts she had chosen in the bookstore during the day, so she jumped out of bed and turned them out. Holding the scripts, she went back to bed and looked through them with relish. When Chi Ying came out from behind the barrier, she saw Gu Xiyue lying on the bed, staring at the script, looking attentive, frowning from time to time, and even when he came out, she did not turn her head to look at him. Chi Ying shook his head helplessly, climbed into bed with a smile and asked her, "Look so attentively, is the story really so interesting?" Gu Xiyue shook her head and looked at Chi Ying with a sad face. Her tone was somewhat helpless. She sighed, "This book is full of Yi characters. I don't know many of them. I can't understand what they are talking about." As she spoke, she put the script she had read several pages into Chi Ying's hand, her face full of grievance, as if she did not believe that she had become an illiterate in the Western Liang Dynasty. Chi Ying laughed and saw her expression of grievance. He immediately restrained his smile and said, "Come here, I'll read it to you!" He put the big welcome pillow on the head of the bed, the whole person leaned on the pillow,sodium cyanide price, pulled Gu Xiyue into his arms with one hand, let her rest on his shoulder in his arms, his long arm around her body, took the script over, opened it from the first page, and told her page by page in Chinese. The story is very boring, but also old-fashioned, the powerful lady fell in love with a poor scholar, and with the help of the servant girl,small gold wash plant, and the poor scholar in the flower wall inside and outside the private meeting, then the lady regardless of family opposition, bent on eloping with the poor scholar, and finally really eloped with the poor student, but also eventually married. Gu Xiyue felt that the story was neither attractive nor reasonable. How can a real lady have a chance to meet a man? She sighed, "Mother used to say that reading miscellaneous books is not good, but now it seems that it is very reasonable.". The scenes depicted in these books will never appear in the real ladies of the town. Wouldn't it be a mess if every lady of a good family could meet a man casually? Chi Ying gave a muffled laugh, expressing his disagreement with Gu Xiyue's view. Gu Xiyue refused to accept and asked him, "Am I wrong?" She knew that Chi Ying had never been to Dongqing at all, and it was impossible for her to know the daily life of the Dongqing girl. If she really believed the nonsense in this script, it would ruin her reputation. "It's not entirely false," said Chi Ying. "Tell me, where is it true?" When he said this, Gu Xiyue was curious and eager to let him go on. Chi Ying carried the script over, turned it over overnight, and pointed to the words on it for Gu Xiyue to see: "It is written here that when the scholar saw the girl's shy smile, his heart suddenly rippled, like countless ants crawling into his heart, magnetic separator machine ,mineral flotation, itching and sweet.." As he read, he suddenly said, "Xiyue, please give me a shy smile.." Gu Xiyue nest in his arms, lying very comfortable, had been waiting for him to say something else, did not expect, unexpectedly gave her such a sentence. She was too frightened to speak and stared at Chi Ying's dark eyes, which were full of strong emotions, which she was most familiar with. He Want her. Chi Ying threw away the script, hugged the girl in her arms and pressed her under her body. Her voice was soft and soft: "Xi Yue, your shy smile makes my heart itch like countless ants.." Gu Xiyue was made by his words, crying is not, laughing is not, unconsciously then revealed a touch of shy small appearance, hit the red win. As a result, Chi Ying also ignored her tiredness and severely tormented her once. After that, he lay on her body, pressed against her ear, and whispered, "I really love your blushing and shy appearance. It's really too attractive." Discovering that Chi Ying still had a mind, Gu Xiyue was frightened and shook her head repeatedly, saying that she didn't want it. Chi Ying, of course, is not willing to torment her any more. She has been walking on the road for more than ten days. She is exhausted. If it weren't for the way she looked just now, he wouldn't be willing to torment her at all. However, not tossing does not mean that there is no welfare at all. If you can't eat it in your mouth, at least you can give your hands some benefits. Gu Xiyue was held in the arms of Chi Ying, although he did not do anything, but the big palm hidden under the quilt was not honest at all, from time to time walking on her body ignition. After enduring for a while, Gu Xiyue couldn't sleep and couldn't help saying, "Chi Ying, don't make trouble." Chi Ying, however, acted as if nothing had happened, as if nothing had happened. He replied, "You sleep with me, and I just feel it." Gu Xiyue: ".." Since he wouldn't let her sleep, she sat up and rushed directly at Chi Ying, feeding him all at once. The so-called midnight does not sleep, the consequence is very serious, Chi Ying overslept directly, was called up by Longi himself. Chi Ying did not want to do anything to Gu Xiyue last night, but deliberately teased her, who knows she rushed over, he did not hold back, came to a vertical. Excessive desire 。 Gu Xiyue is also tired, but she has nothing to do, can lie in bed and continue to fall asleep. Before going out, Chi Ying ran to the bedside and harassed her again before leaving contentedly. Gu Xiyue caught up on her sleep and slept a lot. It was not until lunch that she got up and washed slowly. She loved the peep show that Chi Ying had given her. Looking at herself clearly reflected in the mirror, she was very satisfied with her white skin, beautiful appearance and natural beauty. Chi Ying came back in the afternoon, and he didn't come back empty-handed this time. Gu Xiyue asked him curiously, "What good things did you bring back?" "Close your eyes first,Carbon in Pulp," said Chi Ying with a smile. Gu Xiyue was obedient and closed her eyes very obediently. Chi Ying took out the thing hidden behind her, lifted Gu Xiyue's long hair, and hung it around her neck. ore-magnetic-mining.com