Your eyes are smiling (female chasing male doctor)

I think you have been given a chance because you didn't know the rules when you first came here.


Her only good thing is that the sound insulation effect of the advanced ward is not generally good, Qinhuaizhou's loud voice is not leaking out, plus the advanced ward is not like the ordinary ward, people come and go, plus it is time to get off work, the flow of people on this floor is very small. So the farce in the ward just now should not have been watched. There probably won't be any new scripts coming out tomorrow. Qin Siman chose to take the stairs in order to avoid the crowd. One ladder, two ladders, three ladders.. Qin Si hung his head and counted silently, trying to divert his attention with this simple psychological intervention. When she did not know how many floors she had reached, her memory began to be confused, and she did not know how many stairs she had counted. Qin Huaizhou used his strength, and the burning sensation on his face did not weaken with the passage of time, but became more intense. Until the eyes are full of thick mist, can not see the road under their feet, Qin Siman can no longer control the collapse of the heart, fell to the ground, let tears come out, but refused to send out a syllable. Qin Siman thought of the photos scattered on the floor in the ward just now,mobile racking systems, Jiang Shan's proud ugly face, and Qin Huaizhou's slap on her face for her beauty in anger, and felt extremely humiliated. It's also ridiculous. She thought that she could get rid of the control of Qinhuaizhou by herself, and that she could gain a firm foothold here by entering Liaoxi Ophthalmology, but she still underestimated the scope of Qinhuaizhou's power. In Qinhuaizhou's view, a job that he has studied hard over the years is just a matter of words. Maybe tomorrow, the name of Qin Siman will be erased from the ophthalmology personnel list. Compared with the uncertainty of the unknown,heavy duty cantilever racks, what makes people more desperate and powerless is the inaction in front of them. Qin Siman could see the result, but he could do nothing. She has a prominent backstage supporter, but this backstage has never existed to support her. What Qin Huaizhou has done today is nothing more than to make her soft, go home, go to Huai'an to work for his pharmaceutical group, and accept a new family by the way. Qin Siman knew his intention, but he would not compromise. Even if I have to pack up and leave from western Liaoning from tomorrow. I don't know how long I sat on the stairs, but when Qin Siman stood up, his feet were already numb, and he walked awkwardly to the underground parking lot, got into his car, and did not rush home. She took out a jade pendant from the interlayer of her handbag and looked at it in the palm of her hand. Jade pendant is the best jade, the pattern is composed of moire and bats, asrs warehouse ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, meaning clouds hundred blessings, happiness is boundless, the bottom is engraved with the last word of Qin Siman's name. He Wanxi asked someone to make it for her on her fifteenth birthday, and she carved it with her own hands. Qin Siman does not like this kind of classical thing, also does not believe these moral to say, but actually has carried with him, never leaves the body. Because this is the last gift he Wan Xi gave her. In this situation, the moral of this jade pendant seems to be somewhat ironic. Qin Si Man could not help but clench the jade pendant, put it in front of his chest, separated by an object, trying to pass on something to He Wan Xi, who was separated from heaven and man forever. It's a delusion. Qin Siman put away the jade pendant and put it back in his bag. He took out his cell phone and dialed Chen Xian's phone. Without waiting for the other side to open his mouth, he said directly, "Old Chen, help me find a seller." "What are you going to sell?" Qin Siman hesitated and finally decided, "I have the shares of Huai'an in my hands." Chen Xian suspected that he had misheard, and immediately exploded, "What stimulated you, Huai'an is now developing so well, your 40% equity in hand is completely sitting at home waiting for money, ah, why are you cheap Qinhuaizhou that old thing.." "It's worth it to change to a quiet place." Qin Siman did not have much reluctance in his heart, but felt guilty about his mother. After all, among the things she left behind, there was only one jade pendant left that she could catch. - The development of things is almost the same as what Qin Siman expected. Not long after the morning meeting the next day, Qin Siman was called to the office by Guo Anmin. Guo Anmin opened the door and beckoned her to sit down on the sofa with a consistent smile on her face, "Xiao Qin, sit down, what do you want to drink?" Qin Siman has long known how hypocritical the director of this department is. I'm not thirsty. If you have anything, just say it. ” Guo Anmin's hand holding the cup paused for a few seconds, then returned to normal. He made a cup of black coffee for them and put it on the tea table. Then he sat down and said without changing his face: "Your father cares about you very much. He asked me to say a few words to you." Qin Siman hooked the corners of his mouth, and the meaning of sarcasm was self-evident. Guo Anmin did not mind her attitude and said to himself, "Your father hopes you can go back to Huai'an to help him. You have failed to stay in our ophthalmology department in western Liaoning." "Go on." "The liquidated damages on the employment contract will be doubled in western Liaoning. You can publicize your resignation to the outside world. You have a good face. What do you think?" It is really like the style of Qinhuaizhou to consider so "thoroughly". Qin Siman smiled and asked, "What if I refuse?" Guo Anmin had a late move and took his time to pick it up: "Since Dr. Qin came to the ophthalmology department, there have been countless complaints from patients about you. I think you have been given a chance because you didn't know the rules when you first came here. But yesterday you almost had a big fight with the patient's family in the office. It spread all over western Liaoning and had a bad influence. Cory is going to fire you on this matter." "Dismissal is not pleasant to hear. Doctor Qin must have a sense of propriety about which is more important." Okay, one or the other. But Qin Siman didn't want any of them. Which one do you think I will choose, Director Guo? "Doctor Qin is a wise man, and I don't need to say more about how to choose to benefit myself." Qin Siman finished the final test, the heart has already made a decision. She took out the silver she had put in her pocket before she went out in the morning. Ok. Card, "I choose the third." It was Guo Anmin's turn to wonder, "What's the third kind?" Qin Siman will silver. Ok. The card is put on the desk, the voice is as light as water: "I resign voluntarily,warehouse storage racks, the card is penalty for breach of contract, the password is 123456." Qin Huaizhou could figure out how to deal with her with his toes. He calculated everything, but missed the deep-seated hatred in Qin Siman's heart. jracking.com