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isi and Xiaoting walked behind the caravan, riding horses to watch the scenery and customs on both sides of the road, looking very natural and comfortable.


After this time, their master and servant learned more or less about the experience of walking in Jianghu. These shallow experiences are far from enough for walking in Jianghu and dealing with people in the future. The two of them managed to spend the night safely in the inn. The two thieves didn't bother them again last night. Not long after the Pockmarked face went back, she died under Xiaoting's merciless palm. Yokoyama four evil, only the old four, scar face and the second, can no longer speak martial arts. They were also afraid that Sisi and Xiaoting would come to them to settle accounts, so they hid at home and dared not come out. Early the next morning, the bartender came to tell them that the caravan in the eastern courtyard had set off. Sisi and Xiaoting did not dare to neglect, packed up, after meeting the account, then rode a horse, out of the west gate, far behind the huge caravan, to the direction of Lanzhou. At that time, Lanzhou was a prefecture under Lintao Prefecture, which was a prefecture of Shaanxi Province. At that time, there were no Gansu and Ningxia provinces, all under the jurisdiction of the Chief Secretary of Shaanxi Province. The area to the west of Lanzhou was an important military area in the border area, so there was no government, but a garrison, which was under military jurisdiction. All the prefectures, prefectures, counties, towns and markets in this area were either guarded by military officers such as generals and guerrillas, or under the jurisdiction of heads of thousands of households and heads of hundreds of households, under the command of Shaanxi Xingdu Commanders in Jiuquan and Ganzhou. Originally, after Emperor Chongzhen ascended the throne, he killed Wei Zhongxian, who was hated by gods and hated by ghosts, and committed heinous crimes. He killed all the filial sons and grandsons of Wei Zhongxian and his followers, killed them, shut them down,warehousing storage solutions, and exiled them. At that time, the people were greatly pleased, and the government and the public congratulated him. Little goddess, mysterious cuckoo ink drops, also retired from the mountains and forests, no longer appear in the rivers and lakes. Up and down the government and the public, all raised their heads and looked forward to Chongzhen Emperor Zhu Youjian, who would make a difference, greatly boost the court, make great efforts to make the country prosperous, stay away from villains, and put loyalty and goodness in important positions. However, Zhu Youjian was so talented and suspicious by nature that he hardly trusted anyone. In the end, he suffered from the most critical stubbornness of the emperors of the Ming Dynasty ( "bbs.sept5.com September Forum"). He used the eunuchs around him, the East Factory and the Royal Guards, even more than his brother Xi Zong. A Wei Zhongxian went, cantilever racking system ,wire mesh decking, and a Cao Huachun came, still in charge of the East Factory, holding the power of life and death. The eunuchs and the East Factory were the deadly cancer of the Ming Dynasty. The military and political powers and the important places at the border were all monitored by people sent by Cao Huachun and Gao Qiqian. At a time when the world is in chaos, some people in Wulin, even if they are first-class masters, are unable to eliminate violence and bring peace to the people in Jianghu. They can't save the suffering of the people. At most, they can only save a few people or protect the peace of a small place. At this time, Sisi and Xiaoting ran out and wanted to be chivalrous in Jianghu. Although their ambition was commendable, they overrated themselves and did not look at the general trend of the world. Sisi and Xiaoting followed the caravan of no less than two hundred people, consisting of six small caravans of different sizes, and led by the powerful Persian merchant Hariza. Hariza himself was protected by four swordsmen, and the other five merchants were also protected by two bodyguards, as well as family members and young men. These bodyguard warriors, in addition to protecting their masters, also protect their masters' most precious goods. The main responsibility of the Huwei Escort Agency is to protect the goods from being robbed by bandits. In addition to Hao Tianyu's Escort, there are also six Escorts with excellent martial arts skills, with more than 30 hands, to protect the Dart out of the Yumen Pass. As soon as they left the Yumen Pass, they changed from a motorcade to a camel team, and all the goods were carried by camels across the desert to the countries in the Western Regions. Hariza was a big merchant who often came and went on the Silk Road, and he was a big merchant with strong financial resources. In addition to acquiring famous silk and porcelain from all over China, he also focused on acquiring rare treasures from China. These rare treasures, once to the western countries and Persia and other places, is more than a hundred times the profit. It's a big profit. So he dared to take great risks and take the business road that horse thieves often appeared in the turbulent years. Even if you succeed twice in ten times, you can earn back all the losses in the past. If he encounters bandits and horse thieves ten times, and all the other goods are gone, as long as he can protect a small box around him and escape from the tight encirclement, some rare treasures in the small box can still be profitable several times. What's more, he himself not only has a strange martial arts, but also the four swordsmen around him, all of whom have extraordinary skills. Their swords are like lightning, and they can even kill people on horseback. They can completely protect Hariza and fight out of the tight encirclement and escape from a large group of fierce horse thieves. Horse thieves are often based on looting property, looting the goods, killing all the survivors at the scene and then walking away. Merchants who flee far away will not be hunted down and killed. In this way, it makes Hariza more adventurous. So on the Silk Road, when someone mentioned Hariza, almost no one knew it. Even the great merchants everywhere in China knew that Hariza, a wealthy merchant, was very respectful to him and regarded him as the God of wealth. Sisi and Xiaoting followed the caravan of Hariza all the way through the state without any trouble, and no one seemed to provoke them. Sisi and Xiaoting walked behind the caravan, riding horses to watch the scenery and customs on both sides of the road, looking very natural and comfortable. They followed a few days, came to Lanzhou, see the caravan stay in the hotel, they also stay in the hotel. Xiaoting said happily, "Miss, we don't have to worry about anything this time." "What did you call me?" Sisi said. Xiaoting looked around and saw that she was in the room of the inn. She smiled and said, "There is no one here." Even if there is no one, don't call. Now I am your son and young master. "I know.". Childe, how nice it is for us to follow them all the way to the border and into the desert. We don't have to ask people about it, and we don't have to worry about having no place to live. When they rest, we rest,drive in racking system, and when they stay, we stay. How convenient it is! "I feel that some of the caravans are beginning to notice us." "Just pay attention, as long as they don't see that we are women." "But I'm afraid they'll suspect that we're up to no good." "No way?"? How did this happen? Can't they see that we are good people? Do you think we're robbers? Then they have no vision. "Don't you suspect that they have more than ten truckloads of goods and are following us so closely?" 。 jracking.com