Huang Ling, "Night Charm"

The power of the nether world has controlled him and the whole dark world.


"Or what can you do?" Lazily withdrew a finger that had stopped on the chest of the night brake, and the night brake slowly moved up to her eyebrows. She looked at her pale but unyielding face and smiled coldly. Grandma, they are no match for me, not to mention you. But now I want to know what makes you feel secure. The cold words fell, and the black gas from her fingertips had penetrated the eyebrows of the night brake. The night brake did not understand what she was going to do. At this time, she could only try her best to use her own strength to fight against the breath she pressed into her mind, but she did not expect that the more she exerted her strength, the more drowsy her thoughts became. However, the night sleep with strength to explore the depths of her eyebrows, time is also a short moment. In a twinkling of an eye, she had withdrawn her fingers. And at this time, has been trapped in the boundless dream of the queen mother, finally struggling to wake up. Unexpectedly, when she woke up covered with sweat, the complete darkness in front of her eyes made her think that she was still dreaming, but the inexplicable cold wind around her immediately let her know that she was awake. But even though it was dark all around, at this moment, she was still sensitive to the fact that there was something in the darkness that she could not say why, but her intuition made her hair stand on end. Who? Who Dare to be in this palace room? "Somebody!" And when she dared to speak into the darkness,tile profile factory, but could no longer bear the cold atmosphere around her for a moment, and suddenly shouted loudly, a vague shadow seemed to be looming in front of her bed in a hazy fog of light. "Maybe when I kill you, old woman, you'll always remember who I am.." A low, silky, ghost-like voice echoed around her. Huazhen finally could not bear to stop his ears in horror and let out a scream. But just as she closed her eyes and cried out in horror,tile trim manufacturers, a very pale white shadow appeared in the room at the right time, and then flashed again, and took it away with the shadow. Outside the bedroom, a group of palace maids and attendants were rolling and crawling. But also at the same time, from the depths of the earth came up, faintly stuffy with the strong vibration of the ghost cry God, once again shook the cautious fear of people. The night brake took advantage of the chaos of the change of the sky and the earth to escape. Feng Che stopped Overnight from catching up. "Don't go!" He just gently hooked her slender waist and stopped her castration. Staring at the direction of the night brake that has disappeared in a flash, the deep eyes of the night sleep are strange. Finally, she decided to let her go for a while, and she turned around and faced Feng Che. "I thought you were fast asleep." Suddenly she gave him a charming and seductive smile, and she snuggled into his arms as if nothing had happened. Feng Che gazed at her thoughtfully. Did not deliberately take her away from the queen mother farther away, they are only outside the queen mother's bedroom under a corridor. The earth-shaking earthquake has just stopped, and outside the corridor, the wind and rain are still the same. "I only became aware of her breath a little later than you.." His frowning brows had not yet loosened. In fact, aluminum tile edge trim ,aluminium edge trim, his mood has been in a state of contradiction and complexity recently. And there was no one else who triggered these feelings. "If I hadn't come, would you have chased her back to the dark world and found out what was going on in the dark world?" He was afraid that if she never came back, her premonition would come true! Nearly half a month of rain and earthquake, he has long felt that the source of disaster is from the forces under the ground. And this force is more evil and more powerful than the ghosts and the dark world in the past. Even he did not know how the force that was suddenly active under the ground appeared? Why did it appear? However, while he was aware of its existence, the shadow of Lingshi also appeared faintly in his mind. Black Evil Power and Spirit Stone? Although he is a strange person in the eyes of others, he can know a lot of things, but he still has a lot of things he doesn't know. For example, he knew that when he perceived the strange power, the spirit stone would appear, which must be reasonable, but he just didn't know what the mysterious connection between the two was. However, as early as he discovered that the power of the black evil, which had originally only extended under the ground, had extended to the ground more arrogantly and undisguisedly than the previous activities of the ghost people, he should not have gone down to the dark world to explore the matter later, but the reason why he had not yet started his action was to sleep at night. Although he is not clear about the connection between the black evil power and the spirit stone, but now, the spirit stone is the night, the night is the spirit stone, he can not prevent what will happen once the night meets the power under the ground, so he has been trying to temporarily prevent the night from contacting the power; And relative to his concerns, born in the dark world, but also more sensitive than he is aware of the changes under the ground at night, but has long been ready to move. Overnight made no secret of her intentions. "I can't wait to meet that thing!" Her purple eyes were on fire. "What's more, that thing is now on the body of the stupid emperor whose life is too great to be killed by me. Such an interesting thing, my interest is getting higher and higher.." Just now, from the moment of the night, she easily discovered the earth-shaking changes in the entire dark world at this moment, including the unexpected acquisition of Chi Xiao, who was hidden in a deeper place than the dark world and close to the power of the nether world. Not only did he come back from the dead, but because of this, he was already a far cry from what he had been able to do before, when he could only rely on the holy stone to use the ghost clan and his own abilities were actually inferior. Now he has enough to make all the ghosts really bow down, but also not to rule the dark world for satisfaction, he also wants to make the human world fall into his hands, become his kingdom. The power of the nether world has controlled him and the whole dark world. In fact, as soon as this power appeared in the dark world, it was sensed at night, and as its power became more and more obvious and powerful, her heart became more and more restless, and she felt a great pull that seemed to have to take her to the place where the power was, and she was angry at the feeling of being controlled,stainless steel tile edging, but she also knew that it was the power of the sacred stone in her body that controlled her. And she also knows what the stone wants her to do-and that is why the spirit stone of the human world will become the holy stone of the dark world and become her purpose. Because what it is waiting for is the moment when the power of the demon world appears. As it wishes, she will destroy the damned and abominable power of the Demon World-before her heart is completely controlled by the sacred stone, before she is still "sleeping at night". jecatrims.com