Comprehensively wear the natural phoenix destiny

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It is not a good thing for us. It is not a treasure." Although this may be a bit sorry for the benefactor, Lin Zhennan did so.

But they also know that they are no match for Yue Buqun, and the owner is right. It's just that although what the owner said is good, it doesn't prevent them from acting like a spoiled child to Li Cangyao. The embroidery ladies surrounded Li Cangyao and said, "Master, look at what the master said." "Oh.." All right, Ching-hui, don't blame them. They've done a good job. Embroidery woman listen to the master praised themselves, are very happy, have stood up Xiong chamber. Li Cangyao added, "Now that the matter is over, clean up these eyesores on the ground quickly. Qing Hui, you take someone to help the Lin family throw these things out together." "Yes, Master!" "As for the Lin family." Li Cangyao did not want to meddle in other people's affairs. There were so many injustices in the world that she could not manage them. She rarely walked out of the Black Wood Cliff, but saved the Lin family twice in a short time, which was also a fate, not to mention that the people in the church were not sensible at the beginning, but also stole the sword spectrum-although it was later put back. She walked up to Lin Chen-nan and his wife and said, "Master Lin,Kamado bbq grill, Mrs. Lin, although we will repel those people for the time being today, they will certainly not give up. What are you going to do next?" "This.." Lin Zhennan also has no idea, Fuwei Escort Agency is also their Lin family's ancestral property, if so let him give up is really difficult, but as Li Cangyao said,Ceramic Bobbin, if their family still stay here, those people will continue to appear, when the time comes, they may not be so lucky to have someone to rescue in time. The best way is to leave and find a place where those people can't find it. Lin Zhennan sighed and said, "To tell you the truth, Nvxia, my Lin family does have a sword spectrum. But our ancestors hid the sword spectrum somewhere long ago, but they didn't tell us where it was. So we don't know where the sword spectrum is. Besides, our ancestors ordered the Lin family not to practice the martial arts of exorcising evil spirits." For so many years, my Lin family has been living in peace, and the business of the Escort Agency is also good. Everyone trusts my Escort Agency very much, and I don't care about it, but I don't want my Lin family's sword spectrum to be coveted today. If there is a sword spectrum, 10g Ozone Generator ,steatite c221, I would like to take out this kind of thing that will bring disaster directly to the disaster of my Lin family, but I really don't know where the sword spectrum is. Lin Zhennan sighed again. Although Lin Zhennan is not a big shot, he is also a little famous. Fuwei Escort Agency is a big Escort Agency, and now I'm afraid it will be destroyed in his hands. Li Cangyao raised her eyebrows with some surprise. "Would you like to hand over the Sword Spectrum to someone else?" This made her a little surprised. For most people, there is a treasure that even if they can't use it, they have to hide it from anyone. It's so easy to say that they want to send out the sword spectrum to ward off evil spirits. Lin Zhennan's mind is evident. Lin Zhennan is quite to her taste, since so, Li Cangyao also does not mind helping them once. She looked around, thought carefully, and finally found the address of the Tibetan Sword Spectrum from the corner of her memory. Then she called Yan Qinghui and whispered to her, nodding in Yan Qinghui's surprised and confused eyes. Yan Qinghui was ordered to leave. Li Cangyao said to Lin Zhennan, "Master Lin is broad-minded. I admire him. Since Master Lin said so, I will help you again. If Master Lin trusts me, he will give me the Sword Spectrum. I will find a way to let those people not disturb the purity of the Lin family again." "But isn't that going to make the benefactor suffer?" It was Lin Pingzhi who spoke, and he very much disagreed with Li Cangyao's method. Lin Zhennan and Lin Mu also disagreed with her method. Li Cangyao smiled softly: "Master Lin, Mrs. Lin and Young Master Lin don't have to worry too much. Since we say so, we have the strength not to let people come to trouble us. It's just a small sword spectrum. We don't care about it." As she spoke, Yan Qinghui had already found the Exorcism Sword Spectrum according to Li Cangyao's instructions. She quickly returned to the original place and handed the robe in her hand to Li Cangyao: "Master, I have found it." As soon as Li Cangyao looked, she saw that it was indeed the original one. She handed it to Lin Zhennan and said, "Master Lin, here is the sword spectrum.". ” Lin Zhennan looked at Li Cangyao's robe in shock and forgot for a moment, "This." This Lin Pingzhi looked at it and was equally shocked. "Is this the sword spectrum of our Lin family?"? But But why is it on one/one? Li Cangyao nodded affirmatively and said, "This is indeed the sword spectrum of the Lin family. If not, you can have a look.". Master Lin, now that you have found the Sword Spectrum, what are you going to do next? Lin Zhennan felt his heart beating faster, he stared at the sword spectrum in Li Cangyao's hand, slowly stretched out his hand, ready to take the sword spectrum, but stopped halfway. He took another look at the sword spectrum in Li Cangyao's hand and made up his mind to push it to Li Cangyao. He said, "Benefactor, since this sword spectrum was found by the benefactor, let the benefactor dispose of it. This thing has brought such a great disaster to my Lin family. It is not a good thing for us. It is not a treasure." Although this may be a bit sorry for the benefactor, Lin Zhennan did so. Since the benefactor said there was a way, he believed that the benefactor would have a way. It was better than leaving the sword spectrum in the Lin family and letting the Lin family bring disaster to the whole family. Father! Lin Pingzhi wanted to say something, but Lin Zhennan stopped him. He waved his hand to stop what Lin Pingzhi wanted to say next. He said to him, "Pingzhi, I know you are unwilling, and I know what you want to say. But since our ancestors don't let us practice the martial arts on the Sword Spectrum,Ceramic Band Heater, it shows that there must be a reason why we can't practice. We just have to abide by it. Besides, even if we get the Sword Spectrum now, It takes a lot of time to practice successfully. It's enough time for those people to kill us. It's better for us not to know anything and let the benefactor deal with it. So he didn't even want to look at what was on the/cassock. global-ceramics.com