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With a gentle lift, the big net was lifted by him. Then without waiting for Leon to move, Xiao Lei kicked him out with a flying foot.


Small thunder in the array, although laughing badly, but sighed in the heart, this guy is really fierce, even the ghost king can not eat my flying sword so many even chop ah! This old bat, unexpectedly suffered so many times, as if nothing had happened. Well, I won't go out even if I die. With my skill now, if I go out and fight with him, I'm afraid I'll be killed in a moment. A turtle is a turtle! A living turtle is a hundred times better than going out and becoming a dead turtle. Just then, suddenly lying at the foot of Xiao Lei, Leon, who was wrapped in a net of blood like a rice dumpling and could not move, suddenly said in a shrill voice: "Your Royal Highness, don't worry!"! Any magic array has a time effect! Even if the magic array is arranged by a powerful wizard, there is a time when the magic is exhausted. Ray immediately raised his leg and kicked him hard on the head, hitting Leon in the mouth and swallowing the second half of his words. Morales rolled his eyes and stood still. He looked at Ray coldly. "Yes, boy, although I can't crack your magic array, at your age,Fiberglass tape measure, even if you are a magician, how much magic can you have for this magic array to consume?"? Hum. I'm not in a hurry, I have plenty of time! When your magic runs out, I'll rip your head off! Xiao Lei sighed deliberately: "Yes, my formation does always fail, but do you know what this Leon boy is now wrapped in this net?" "What magic weapon is this?" Ray curled his lips. "Magic weapon?"? Hum, how can your western magic be compared with our magic? I tell you,Adhesive fish ruler, this is the'bind demon net ', is a magic weapon handed down from ancient times, all demons and ghosts, covered by this net, the whole body's magic power is lost! In less than two hours, Leon will become younger and younger! You vampires get better with age, don't you? Well, let's see what this Lyons kid will look like in two hours! "I'm afraid he'll turn into a newborn bat!" No sooner had he finished speaking than he heard Leon scream in a frightened voice: "Oh, my God, it's true!"! I My tooth! My teeth are deteriorating.. Vampires only become more and more powerful as they grow older, and they only grow a tooth every few hundred years. This kind of tooth is different from other ordinary teeth. It must be a vampire who is hundreds of years old. In the blood clan, this is not only a sign of the strength of magic, but also a symbol of honor. Leon was less than three hundred years old and had just had his first tooth. Sure enough, with the words of Xiao Lei just now, Wheel tape measure ,Horse weight lbs, Leon immediately realized that his first tooth, which had only grown for hundreds of years, was loose! Morales was shocked when he heard this, and he was even more afraid of Xiao Lei's Oriental magic. Fortunately, I didn't crash into the net just now, otherwise, I'm afraid I'm the one whose mana is degenerating now. Small thunder sighed tone: "You look, old tortoise, we do not have a grudge, it is you come to the door.". Let's make a deal. What do you think? "You say it." Small thunder smiles: "Originally, I also do not want to be an enemy with you.". It's better for the two families to make up. You go your way. As long as you don't mess with me, I'll let this little bat go. What does it matter? I don't have a hobby for raising bats. Morales narrowed his eyes, seemed to hesitate, and thought for a moment. Although his heart does not care about Leon's life, but the boy's father is an important leader in the family, if Leon died or was seriously injured because of his relationship, after returning, I am afraid his father will find his own trouble. Tonight, it was just a moment of greed that I found that there was an oriental snake recorded in the literature on this mountain. Driven by greed, I went up the mountain to look for it. I didn't expect to meet such a little scoundrel. It's a stalemate now, so what if we let him go first? It's a big deal to get back at him later. Most importantly, if Leon dies here, or if he really degenerates, then when he goes back, I'm afraid he will be severely punished by his family. Thinking of this, Morales frowned and said in a deep voice, "You little fellow are too cunning. How can I trust you?" Xiao Lei grinned, "That's very simple. As long as you promise me, I'll let Leon go first. Are you relieved?" Morales immediately raised his hand and solemnly swore that he would leave immediately after Ray's release, but he laughed in his heart that the Oriental was so silly. The blood clan swears unexpectedly also some people believe? Xiao Lei looked quite satisfied. Seeing that Morales had made his oath, he really bent down to untie the net on Lyon's body. But his movements were slow, his hands seemed to grope back and forth twice on Leon's body, and he did not know what technique he had used. With a gentle lift, the big net was lifted by him. Then without waiting for Leon to move, Xiao Lei kicked him out with a flying foot. Morales jumped up, caught Leon, then looked coldly at Ray, and suddenly grinned grimly: "Boy, now you don't have the chips to blackmail me, do you?"? Do you want to get out of here alive today? Xiao Lei sighed, "I've known for a long time that you flat-haired animals can't be trusted..." He suddenly squatted down and covered his ears with his hands. Morales was surprised when he suddenly saw two yellow notes on Lyon's body, on which he did not know what to draw red symbols. And There was a faint flash of dangerous golden light on the note. Then I heard a loud bang! A bolt of lightning suddenly appeared out of thin air and went straight at Leon and Morales. Two vampires, one big and one small, flew away. But no matter how fast any creature is, where is the lightning? After a loud noise,Fish measuring board, two vampires were split out in a golden light. Black smoke, the original ground out of the dead black smoke, the surrounding grass and branches are faintly issued a burning smell. tapemeasure.net