Beauty of the East Palace

Now this Dow is very "magnanimous" ah, this regardless to kill her door?


The maid of honor said this to Shi Baolin euphemistically. Shi Baolin sighed sadly: "Yes, if I were you, I wouldn't think it's necessary." The maid added, "But you can't fight for favor openly.". It was said in the East Palace that in the past two years, the prince had never been called by anyone, and she was the only one who had won his heart. Outsiders only looked at the Middle East Palace in the past two years and others added three children, but that was actually conceived before Chu Liangdi was favored. "I know that." Shi Baolin nodded. "I won't argue with her openly. It's important to save my life even if I get favor.". But on the Dow side, you have to keep an eye on some for me. If her petty temper really causes anything, don't drag us down together. "Ah, the servant knows." As soon as the maid of honor was blessed, she retired. Shi Baolin also had eunuchs around her, and she had to discuss the matter with the eunuch in charge. It was more convenient for eunuchs to walk around on weekdays. In the Jinxin Pavilion, the maid beside Dow went back and forth between the garden and the palace within three days. She was very tired, but she was very satisfied with what she found. Dow wanted to make a peach blossom skirt, gesturing to tell her that the inner layer should be silk with white background, and that there should be pink flowers on the silk. The outer layer should be semi-transparent white gauze, so that the peach blossom branches will appear hazy and charming on the inner layer. The pinched teeth on the collar and the horse face skirt should be exactly the same pink as the color of the flower branch,cattle weight tape, and it should not look a little different, so that it looks natural. Dow had never seen such a dress before. It had just become popular among the ladies in Beijing. She had only seen it once when she was picking. But she was so white that she knew at a glance that she could stand the dress and had long wanted to wear it. Dow's position is not high and is not favored. If you want to specify what material you want, you have to give money to the Shangfu Bureau. This kind of material is only used in summer, and now it's already winter, so it's very troublesome to go to the library to find it, so the service Bureau will push three or four, and have to add another silver. Even though the money had been spent to such an extent,fish measuring tape, the service Bureau refused to help them. The reason was also very reasonable: "Now the weather is cold, and all the empresses in the palace have to buy new clothes. We have a lot of work to do.". Aren't you adding to the confusion when you say you want summer clothes now? But it doesn't matter. Higashimiyahara also has its own needlework room and embroidery room. Dow asked the maid around him to send the material to the past, and reluctantly spent a sum of money, so that the needlework room must be done quickly, do not drag. So a few days later, Dow got the clothes. It's actually very cold to wear this now, but if you think about who you're wearing it for, she'll be able to go out. In the Jade Garden, Shen Xi went to the study to do his business after breakfast as usual. After the new couple came in, the same days as before had lasted for several days. Chu Yi's heart is sweet and sour, while feeling that this is good, while feeling that it is drinking poison to quench thirst. It's just that she's drunk today-she's thinking like this every day these days. So she played happily with Yueheng all morning as usual. Yueheng will be one year old in a few days, horse weight tape ,Walking tape measure, and now she can walk. Every day, she babbles in the yard. Shen Xi always holds her and shaves her nose, saying that she is a chatterbox. Chu Yi read the ballad to her for a while and took her to the yard. She pointed to Chu Yi and told her what it was by the way. But she is still too young now, and the most familiar thing she remembers recently is the "big tree", so she likes several trees in the yard very much recently. Near noon, Yueheng yawned. Chu Yi then took her back to the house, let the wet nurse feed her to eat, oneself also plan to go back to the room to rest, a little while good with Shen Xi to eat together. But before Shen Xi came, Bai Yu trotted in mysteriously: "Lady!" "Hm?" Chu Yi, who was leaning on the bed, opened her eyes. Bai Yu went to the bedside and said to her, "Lady Tao Fengyi is now wandering around with her palace maid not far from the gate of our courtyard.". She was dressed so thinly, but she was very charming. Chu Yi may not be able to react to the first sentence, but the second sentence made her frown. It's the middle of November. According to the solar calendar of the 21st century, it's December. It's really quite cold. Long ago, all the charcoal basins in her house had been used, but Dow was wearing "thin" and "charming"-this is to throw caution to the wind, as long as the demeanor does not need temperature! Don't be too obvious about what you're doing! Chu Yi sat up with a cold face and said, "Is she asking your Highness to come to me for lunch every day?" “……” Bai Yu shrank his neck and laughed, "this." There's no need to ask. Everyone in the East Palace knows about it. "Oh." Chu Yi sneered, stood up and walked outside, and when she passed the shelf with the copper basin, she grabbed the copper basin. Yes, she knew that it was only a matter of time before he came to the two new people, and even a little expected him to go quickly, because the feeling of pending was even more annoying. But this is a different situation! Dow calculated to pull him away when he came to see her, which was to run wild in her territory and throw sand into her eyes! He came to see her when Tao Shi and Shi Shi came to see her. She didn't take the initiative to do it. She felt sorry. After he punished Qingyu and Zhou Ming, who had taken the initiative, she also deducted their salary for two months. Now this Dow is very "magnanimous" ah, this regardless to kill her door? She did not want to give them any blow, but since they came to her bowl of meat, do not blame her for stretching out chopsticks to poke back! In addition, the uneasiness in her heart for a long time also subconsciously made her want to seek a result. Chu Yi only felt the anger in her heart running up. If I let you succeed today, will I still be in the East Palace in the future? Bai Yu was so frightened by her momentum that she remembered to chase her out, only to see Chu Yi roll up her sleeves and bend down to scoop up a basin of cold water from the big water tank in the yard, and then carry the water steadily out of the gate. Outside the courtyard, at most thirty feet away, Dow was trying to take the maid for a walk. This kind of thing must be done as if nothing had happened, so that the prince felt that she was deliberately waiting here is not credible. So although her heart was full of expectations,Pi tape measure, she did not dare to look in the direction of the prince at a glance, but also pretended to chat with the ladies of the court easily, and her heartstrings were tight. tapemeasure.net