Hades Marriage Date: Fierce Ghost Husband, don't Chase Me

Hades Marriage Date: Fierce Ghost Husband, don't Chase Me


In the heart inexplicably some restless, I lay on the bed and rolled for a while, but still could not fall asleep. With my eyes open, I waited for Ye Fengxuan to come back, but after waiting for a long time without seeing him, I sat up and went out in my clothes. The Hemerocallis Garden is neither big nor small. A large area is a lush garden. The distance between several houses is not far. With my surprisingly good hearing, I heard the sound coming from my mother's room at once. Why did Ye Fengxuan go to his mother in the middle of the night? I stepped lightly and quietly walked to my mother's room, listening to their conversation at a distance. Yuexuanyu, for the sake of you giving birth to the moon, I don't care about your husband and wife's behavior in those years. As for Liu Qingtian, I won't bother him if he pays his life for the moon. "Since I and Qingtian dared to do that at the beginning, we are not afraid that you will take any revenge. Yueyue is now my daughter, which can not be changed even if you are the ghost king." I stood there in amazement, listening to the conversation between my mother and Ye Fengxuan, only to feel that the smell of gunpowder was very strong. Isn't it the first time they met today? Why doesn't it sound like it? Could it be that they knew each other before? "If Yueyue were not your daughter now, I would have broken your bones and raised ashes long ago!" Ye Feng Xuan's voice was so cold that I could even imagine the cold look on his face, just like when I first saw him, with one hand, he exterminated all the ghosts. In that way, he is ruthless and unfeeling. Worried, I took two steps forward and stopped at once. Ye Feng Xuan won't really attack his mother. That's my mother. If he really hurts her,jacuzzi swim spa, I won't forgive him. Mother's low laughter came, with a kind of lazy taste. Ye Feng Xuan, do you think I'm afraid of death? Had it not been for the fear that Yueyue would be alone, I would have followed Qingtian long ago. I don't have much attachment to this world. I suddenly raised my hand to cover my lips, afraid that I could not help making a sound. I always knew that my father and mother had a deep relationship, but I never thought that my mother had the idea of life and death. It's all my fault. "Yuexuanyu, don't say how great you are. You are a demon, and Liu Qingtian is a man. You two love each other against heaven. You are cursed by heaven and lose your children. You should have no children,5 person hot tub, but you seal the soul of the moon into the body of your dead child. If it weren't for my soul, you really think the moon can survive!" There was silence in the room, and my mother did not reply. I, on the other hand, bit my lip and couldn't believe what I heard. Obviously every word I understand, but together, I suddenly found that I do not understand what it is boring. Am I not mom and dad's daughter, but someone else? Then who the hell am I? Ye Feng Xuan cares so much, is it Liu Jiyue? I pressed my chest, only to feel my heart heavy, and an inexplicable feeling welled up in my heart, like joy, like sadness, like expectation, like resistance. Contradictory and tangled feeling, indoor endless pool ,Chinese spa manufacturer, like two completely different people. I staggered back two steps and slumped against a stout tree trunk, feeling that I was about to lose my footing. In the room, my mother's pale laughter came into my ears, and the sound seemed to be stuck in my heart. I am not mother's daughter, but I am mother's daughter. So many years of mother-daughter relationship, how can it be false, and Dad gave up his life for me, gave up their happiness. One pays for life, the other pays for happiness. How can I doubt their love for me. Even if I was not their daughter, but at this moment, I am really Liu Qianyue, Liu Qingtian and Yuexuan Yu's favorite daughter, the daughter who loves with her life. I bit my lip, my heart hardened, and I pricked up my ears again, listening to what was going on in the room. ! overChapter 163 missing two souls. ! go"Ghost King, I and Qingtian have long known that we should not be together, but love is not you or I can control.". If you can control, why do you strip a soul pregnant month, such as a thousand years! Mother's voice with a bleak taste, said I can not help but feel sorry. Yes, if love can be controlled, then I must give up the wind from my heart and just be his sister. As it has been for the past decade or so. But now, at least, the unrequited love that he did not know came to an end after all. Shut up! Ye Feng Xuan drank coldly and angrily, and his voice was furious. Yuexuanyu, how dare you mention this? I have been pregnant with the moon for a thousand years, and it is not easy to reach the millennium, but you and Liu Qingtian have stolen the soul of the moon that has not been pregnant yet. I've been searching for twenty years, and I almost lost the moon! You should be glad that the moon is only losing her memory now. If something happens to the moon, not to mention you and Liu Qingtian, even the moon family and the Liu family, I will slaughter them all! Mother smiled in a low voice with a hint of pride. Ye Feng Xuan, you think you are the ghost king, omnipotent, can you still give birth to the moon by yourself! You should be glad that Optimus and I let you get back together with the moon twenty years earlier. Ye Feng Xuan was silent for a moment, as if he had acquiesced in his mother's words. After a while, the room was silent. Outside the room, I waited quietly, wondering what they would say later. After a while, Ye Fengxuan opened his mouth, and his voice was no longer so angry and cold. Yuexuan feather, the soul of the moon is pregnant for thousands of years, still not together, so far, she still lacks two souls, so she will lose the memory of the past. I don't blame you for stealing her soul. I just need you to tell me where I can find her two souls. There was a long silence, and my mother did not make a sound. I held my breath and waited. I wanted to know everything,massage bathtub manufacturers, but I knew that if I asked, they would not say. So I tried to breathe in and reduce my sense of existence so that they would not find out. Mom finally spoke, and her voice was a little low. monalisa.com