Strategist, please stay [wear quickly]

I guess you can hear the sound of water inside by shaking your head a little, right?


The dark Pope, who knew that he had been tricked, could not help but lose his breath and look at the two men with an expressionless face. Unlike His Highness, whose eyes were already wandering and seemed a little embarrassed, Jun Moyu looked back at him in a generous way, with a childish and naughty smile on his delicate and beautiful face, "The Pope was startled?"? But that's just our guess. Maybe it's Blackie, right? Seeing the young man's exultant expression, he knew that he should be taught not to commit the following crimes, but the man was really too cruel to punish him. After all, it's rare for the little devil to joke with himself so intimately. He used to play with Hubert and seldom came with him. Next time, it won't be so simple. So the Dark Pope coldly dropped such a sentence, even the consequences were nothing, and the matter passed lightly. The future demon king squinted at Hubert, whose eyes were already wide in disbelief, and answered briskly with hatred, holding the little black dragon in his arms, he followed the steps of the dark pope and walked up the floor. His Royal Highness, the Son of Daily Doubt: "… …" This! Nope! Gong! Ping! After turning around the underground floor and making sure that the intruders had been destroyed,endless swim pool, the Dark Pope carefully added several layers of imprisonment and guardianship to the door on the top floor where the statue of the Dark Power was enshrined, and then led a group of people back to the Dark Temple. Goliath, are you sure you want this dark dragon to be your mount? The Dark Pope looked at the little black dragon who was being caressed by the future demon king and confirmed again and again, "I've already found one for you before. Are you sure it's it?" The little black dragon immediately pricked up his ears excitedly. At this time, the sense of crisis that the teenager was going to be taken away by other mounts had already suppressed the instinct of his body. Where could he still be afraid? He directly showed his little milk teeth fiercely to him. "Ow!" The sea-blue eyes were alert and defensive to the man in front of them, and their bodies were so tight that the future demon king could not help flicking his tail like a joke. Augustus nearly jumped up and turned to look blankly at the boy. Say you're a dog, and you really think of yourself as a dog? Jun Moyu shook his head with a helpless smile,outdoor endless pool, but a pleasant smile appeared in his dark eyes. Seeing the little black dragon holding his fingers and rubbing coquettishly, he raised his head and said with a smile, "Just this one, look at it and I have a predestined relationship.". Besides, the Pope's mount is also a dark dragon, and I'm really happy to have the same mount as you. When he said the previous sentence, the Dark Pope still had a noncommittal expression. In the second half of the sentence, it seemed that he did not expect the young man to say so. He was stunned for a moment, and his eyes suddenly softened. Naturally, he acquiesced in the young man signing a contract with the little black dragon. Although I still feel that this man who is so close to Goliath is not pleasing to the eye, but for the sake of helping himself and Goliath finally sign a contract, reluctantly. Give him a good look. The little black dragon wagged his tail excitedly, and uncontrollably clung to the boy's chest, raised his head and stuck out his tongue to lick his face enthusiastically. That affectionate appearance, 4 person jacuzzi ,Whirlpool bathtub, really showed a bit of dog nature. For example, a dog loyally guards the gate, but when he sees the future demon king, all three heads fight with each other to rub against his three-headed demon dog first. His Highness, who had never enjoyed the treatment of demons, could not help whispering jealously, but was heard by the future demon king. With some disgust, he stretched out his finger and pushed away the head of the little black dragon, and Jun Moyu could not help frowning. He wiped the saliva on his face, looked at the mucus on his hands, slightly narrowed his beautiful black eyes, and then quietly turned his eyes to some unlucky person next to him. When His Highness the Son seemed to feel something and turned his head to look at him warily, he suddenly relaxed his brows and raised a gentle and soothing smile. "Your Holiness, you said you had found a mount before. Since I don't need it, and Hubert doesn't have it yet, why don't you give it to Hubert?" Did not expect that this time the small partner did not pit themselves, but also so considerate for their own sake, His Highness's defensive eyes suddenly softened, flashing moving light, "Goliath.." "We're good friends, so we don't have to say much." With a smile as bright as sunshine, the boy patted him on the shoulder vigorously and rubbed the mucus on his hands on the unlucky man without being noticed. "Right, Hubert?" His Highness, who was still moved by what his little friend had done and felt guilty that he had thought so badly of him, took his cold and handsome face seriously, then nodded forcefully to him and responded firmly, "Well, good friend!" The frequency of the little black dragon wagging its tail suddenly faded, and after eavesdropping on the conversation between the two, it could not help looking at the fool's eyes and looking at the silly white sweet dark abyss son with such a handsome face. With all due respect, I'm afraid you're not a fool. I guess you can hear the sound of water inside by shaking your head a little, right? The little black dragon is going to cry because of the intelligence quotient of His Highness. How many times has Goliath cheated you? Don't you have a count in your heart?! Even a little defensive heart can not be born, and even so easily moved to put down the guard to thank him, a good friend of a ghost! You are afraid to wait for Goliath to sell the price of your pork to the Temple of Light by catty, and you are still dissatisfied with how you can sell it to the Temple of Light, and think that the pork is too cheap and should be more expensive, and finally you can take the money without knowing it and give it to Goliath excitedly?! I'm really worried about the future of the Dark Temple. Will Goliath be tired of taking him to complete the plan of unifying the continent? Sure enough, I can only rely on myself. If Goliath still wants to lead the Demons to unify the mainland, he will be the personal mount of the Demon King and take him to capture the mainland. No light Pope Julius, no Elf King, no Elf Prince, no Orc Prince, and no Terran King Alexis. Even when they meet,outdoor spa manufacturers, they may become enemies, and only they can follow Goliath so intimately. Come to think of it, the future is really bright. monalisa.com