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The location given by our ancestors is quite different from that of today. We still need a little time."


Everyone looked at him with surprise, and could see the surging explosive power contained in the appearance of his divine body. A very powerful divine body! Comparable to the tenacity of our giants! There is even something more mysterious and wonderful. Naxin exclaimed, "His divine body contains the essence of flesh and blood, which is more powerful than our fellow giants.". But his physique is tens of times smaller! Terrible fellow! A member of the giant clan, who had also reached the spiritual realm of the source, looked at Shiyan, closed his eyes and felt it. "How is this possible?" He said dejectedly? He's just.. Just human race, so thin and small, unexpectedly, unexpectedly can reach this height?! He didn't understand, and so did the rest. Is this because of the efficacy of the source? Asked Cassius in a low voice. Na Xin shook his head. "No, the source is only of profound help to the altar of the soul, but not to the divine body.". The change of his divine body should have other wonders that we do not understand. Everyone is unknown, but the heart is full of doubts, always feel that Shiyan is different from ordinary people everywhere, is simply a freak. When they were surprised and puzzled, Shiyan, who had been silent for some time, moved his eyebrows, and his soul seemed to have returned. The road to breakthrough seemed to have been successfully completed by him. A few seconds later, he woke up and chuckled. Chapter 897 the only God. Shi Yan smiled indifferently when he opened his eyes and looked at the familiar people beside him. m He's in surprisingly good shape. The divine body has been tempered again, and there are 720 acupoints and orifices all over the body. Each acupoint and orifice seems to be a piece of heaven and earth of its own, and its territory has expanded several times! Internal examination of divine consciousness. In each acupoint,disc air diffuser, there is a huge vortex floating, and the vortex flows according to the supreme principle of heaven and earth, which is mysterious and natural. Bright crystal lines spread all over the world of acupoints and orifices, as dazzling as a rainbow in the void, and each crystal line extends to a very distant place, forming a mysterious and unknown spiritual map. The divine body is as tough as fine iron, and when the power flows, it is extremely flexible and can stand up at will. Inside the soul altar,wall penstocks, it is divided into two areas. Above the sea of knowledge, there are the arcane layer and the sky fire layer, which suspend two souls respectively. One is the initial soul, which controls the hub of the whole body and connects with the Dantian cyclone in the lower abdomen. The ancient trees of divine power are dense and bright, containing a huge source of power. In a vast nebula, countless small stars, a huge star like a diamond, are swimming in the nebula. As soon as the thought moves, the newborn divine power gushes out from the ancient tree of divine power, rolling in the tendons and veins without stagnation, bringing out surging energy fluctuations. Source Divine Realm! He finally crossed the threshold, and after years of hard work and penance, he reached the height of today's realm. He believed that his real power was far greater than that of Cato and Ziyao, who had not been advanced for a long time. If he fought for his life, he was sure that he could easily defeat those who had just entered the threshold, such as Ziyao and Cato. Even Ogudo, Lamella Plate Settler ,Belt Filter Press, who has reached the double heaven of the Source God, is likely to be killed by him in a life-and-death battle. It seems that the challenge of leapfrogging is not difficult for him at all, which makes him full of great confidence. Naxin and the giants of the giant race, as well as Liana, Phelan and Cassius, all stared at him deeply, wanting to know how wonderful he was at this moment. Melt into the source, this is the legendary field that only those who have great opportunities can touch. ( m) Today, he has great luck to enter the threshold ahead of time and has divine power! "What a lucky guy." Na Xin sighs with emotion inexplicably, "really obtained the source, and melts into the soul, ha ha this trip to the ancestral land, no one gains more than you." Cassius and others also looked envious. There is no saying about the origin of the ancient continent in the Flaming Star Field, and the will is a legend. They don't know the mystery. However, every legend about the origin is mysterious, and not knowing the origin does not mean that they do not know the benefits contained in it. I've always had great luck. Shi Yan smiled indifferently. The ten kinds of sky fire all come from a ray of pure energy of the source. After remerging the source, they fit perfectly with his soul. The experience of each kind of sky fire is like a memory brand, deeply engraved in his mind and become a part of his soul. The soul of his ball is the source, the fire of heaven, and the real master of the land of divine grace. Divided into several sections, the continent of area understanding is like a miniature reflection in his knowledge of the sea, as long as the idea changes, any area of the continent can not escape the peep of his soul. He is the only God on this continent! From the birth of the ancient continent to its formation, to its extreme prosperity, to its decline, the experience of millions of years seems to have been re-experienced by him as a bystander. He is far more familiar with this continent than any other existence, and his soul is the core of the continent and the source of energy. Do you have any idea what you are looking for? Shi Yan restrained his smile and glanced at Na Xin. Haven't found the target yet. Na Xin shook his head slightly and said with a wry smile, "The ancestral land in those days is not quite the same as it is today. The location given by our ancestors is quite different from that of today. We still need a little time." "Let me give you a hand." Shi Yan hesitated for a moment and grinned. ( m) Reach out a little void, fingertip space mystery flow and change, a wisp of luster gradually swells, condensed into a shining channel, which faintly shows an area. The ancient continent is divided into several plates, because the sea changes, many regional locations have changed, you can not figure out, to me, er.. It's easy. Shi Yan said earnestly, "Go. At the end of the passage is a piece of desolate territory of the ancient continent. It was once the birthplace of your giant race, which is what you call the ancestral land.". A thousand meters underground, there is a strange area, which should be the forbidden zone that your giants stick to. He is the master of the ancient continent, after the fusion of the source, everything in the ancient continent is reflected in the heart, there is no area that can avoid his induction. Any warrior, no matter how profound, no matter how strong, once he comes to this continent, he will be the first to know. Once the birthplace of the ten clans, once the holy land, many sank underground,multi disc screw press, there are also several places sealed by layers, it is extremely difficult for others to enter, but also difficult to find. khnwatertreatment.com